Hey Girlies!

We're getting closer and closer to the official end of summer, which is always bitter sweet for me because as much as I love summer, I also loooove fall and fall fashion! I think what I love most is the layering and the various textures that can be mixed and matched to create an awesome and unique look. It also enables us to carry over many of our favorite summer pieces and get more use out of those items. I wanted to create some looks featuring some summer pieces that you most likely have, which can be easily carried over and worn during fall. 

Who doesn't love a romper?! They're super feminine and easy to wear and style, what a great combination! Good news, you don't have to fret and say good-bye to your romp just yet! Pair it with a leather jacket and knee high boots for a more fall appropriate look. Now you have a valid excuse to just continue wearing that piece you love so much! 

Who wears short shorts?! Me...and I'm sure you do, too! Now you can wear them all season long this fall, just pair them with opaque tights and your favorite button down shirt or blouse. Then finish the look with an awesome pair of booties, so hot! 

Although many of us do wear sleeveless dresses all year long and just add a cardigan or blazer, another great option is to wear a button down shirt underneath. It gives a very clean feel to the look and exudes a nice preppy vibe, which is great for the office or a weekend event! 


I hope this gave you all some ideas of how you can style some of your favorite summer pieces in a more creative and stylish way this upcoming fall season!

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Hello Beauties!

I purchased this top on sale at BeBe, I want to say last year around this time. I love BeBe, but I do feel that they are a bit over priced with some things, which is why when I walk in I go straight to the sale section. I suggest, regardless of the store, that you look at the sale sections in your favorite stores, because...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Hello gorgeous people!

Tuesday night, Eddie and I went to a Caribbean restaurant in the resort and it was ok. To be quite honest I wasn't all that happy with the food, but it's ok, we're on vacation and it's all inclusive, which I HIGHLY suggest when you go away, so you don't have to worry about paying for anything, all you can eat and endless beverages. We've noticed..(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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