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  • Brooch

    08. 31. 15.


    DRESS: OLD from BeBe (similar style on sale for about 75% off! here //  PURSE: Michael Kors from TjMaxx (on sale for 25% off! here)  // SHOES: Ralph Lauren from Marshalls (similar style here)

    Happy Monday beautiful friends!

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are refreshed for an amazing week; I trust it will be for all of us :) 

    You've definitely seen me sport this flirty little number a few times, styled in different ways, but this time around I wanted to try something different by adding a brooch. Pins are currently growing in popularity in street fashion, as are patches. I actually had intentions of creating a statement necklace with a bunch of vintage brooches, but it's crazy how difficult they are to find! All of the vintage/thrift shops I've gone to in search for some, have none at all or some really ugly looking ones (sorry grams)! I managed to discover two and this one was actually given to me by my step-daughter as a Mother's Day gift. Can you believe she found it at a school holiday fair?! I thought it would add some character to this super cute lace skater dress, enhancing the feminine feel, what do YOU think?! Speaking of skater dresses, they flatter every body shape, so when you see a cute or versatile one, snag it, you'll get tons of use out of it because it's practical and it'll make your bod look fabulous ;)

    I hope you found some inspiration in this post. If your grandma or mom has some brooches laying around, I would definitely recommend you start asking for those little treasures. Not only will they hold a sentimental value to you, they are super cute on practically everything and like I said, you could even construct a beautiful and unique statement necklace out of them; hopefully you'll have better luck at than I have so far! 

    As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day! 



  • Now, This Isn't Good-bye Just Yet!

    08. 27. 15.

    Happy Thursday beauties,

    As we slowly begin to walk away from summer and into fall, which is always bitter-sweet, we can begin to feel a little bummed about the thought of not being able to wear some of our favorite summer pieces. You know, the one's we threw on when it was too hot to conceptualize an outfit?! Well, I have some good news, you don't have to part with your favorites just yet! There are some ways that we can really extend the use out of those pieces into fall, by expanding our imaginations when it comes to layering, a word synonymous to fall fashion. This post will hopefully give you some ideas on how you could wear that summer fave a tad longer :) Oh, and do let me know in the comment's section what's YOUR most worn summer item!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful day :)



  • Teal & Beige

    08. 24. 15.




    BLOUSE: Express (similar style here)  //  SKIRT: H&M (similar style on sale here)  //  NECKLACE: c/o Anitanja (similar style from her collection here)  //  BELT: Thrifted (similar style here)  //  SUNGLASSES: Salvatore Ferragamo (similar style here)  //  PURSE: Tory Burch (similar style here// SUEDE HEELS: Nine West (similar style here)

    Happy Monday beautiful friends!

    One of my favorite color combinations as we begin to slowly transition to fall is teal and beige. I feel that the darker shade of green, with its rich, jewel-like tone exudes fall, while the beige keeps things neutral and softer, allowing summer to linger a little longer in the pairing. I wanted to throw in a little print, so I opted for the sophisticated leopard, in my belt and reached for gold jewelry, which created a nice exuberant feel to the overall look. Plus, I absolutely loved how the cocoa inspired details on the necklace mimicked the leopard spots on the belt, giving the outfit a nice, clean and stylish cohesive flow. 

    I just wanted to quickly mention how much rich colors, such as teal, look phenomenal on neutral and cool skin tones (and if you're a red-head, whoa!). If you are either of these two, I highly suggest you add them to your wardrobe or pull them out of your closets more often; they give the skin a nice sun-kissed glow ;)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and have a beautiful day :)



  • Summer Days in Tartan

    08. 21. 15.


    BLOUSE: Cable & Gauge from Marshalls (similar style here)  // SKIRT: Sans Souci from Marshalls (similar styles on sale here here)  // HEELS: Steve Madden from Marshalls (similar style here)  // CLUTCH: Steve Madden (similar style on sale here)

    Happy Friday my gorgeous friends,

    As you all know, I'm a sucker for anything printed, but one of my favorite fall and winter prints are plaid and tartan. You also know that I'm a fan of mixing and matching and getting the most use out of clothing; and so I challenged myself in styling my fall favorite for summer! I hate limiting myself and my closet to seasons, so I try to think of ways of utilizing each piece, if at all possible, all year round. What I suggest, based on what made it easier for me, is selecting a piece(s) that is in a color found within your plaid or tartan that's a few shades lighterIn my case, the skirt features red, grey and black, but where the red and grey meet it gives the illusion of a much lighter shade of red, giving me the ability to work with either a light pink or coral. I then decided to use solid red pieces in my accessories to help create a nice mixture and I really like how it turned out. This strategy, of course, can be applied with any of your tartan/plaid pieces, it doesn't have to be a skirt. So if, for example, your piece features hunter green, black and grey (a common combo), I'd suggest wearing a mint green piece to make it more summery. 

    I hope you all found some inspiration in this post! I thank you so much for stopping by and reading and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)



  • That 70s Style

    08. 20. 15.


    1 2 | 3 4 5 6

    Happy Thursday my beautiful friends, 

    I am a huge fan of 60s and 70s style and I'm stoked that we're seeing more and more pieces and trends hitting stores with these styles in preparation for fall, such as flared denim, suede, and ribbed shirts and sweaters.When it comes to flared jeans don't shy away; give those skinnies a break! For the past several years it's been as though no other style of jean ever existed before the skinny and while they're great because they're versatile, there are other options out there we can wear to mix up our look(s), such as the flare or bootcut. If you have wider hips, such is the case with the pear and hourglass body shapes, and are concerned about the flare making them appear wider, I'd suggest you go with a simple flare instead of the bell-bottom/wide legged option. Contrary to some belief the (subtle) flare on the leg helps balance out curvier shapes by mimicking the width of the hips, while providing some additional dimension and curve to the apple, inverted triangle, and rectangular body shapes (who I suggest go wider with the leg). Above is a set of inspired pieces that I'm loving that feature the most popular 70s style right now, I hope it inspires you to give one or all of them a try!

    As always thanks so much for stopping by :)



  • #SummerSocial with InStyle Magazine!

    08. 19. 15.

    Seen below with designer, Stephanie, of Peony 

    With one of the prizes I won, the apple iwatch! Isn't it funny how it matches my outfit?!


    BLOUSE: Ivanka Trump from TjMaxx (here// SKIRT: Elie Tahari from Annie Sez (similar style here// NECKLACE: Charming Charlie (similar style here// BRACELET: Alexis Bittar (similar style here// SHOES: Guess (very similar style here// PURSE: Marc Jacobs from Nordstrom Rack (similar style here)


    Happy Wednesday!

    I hope you're all having an awesome start to your day and if your week has been intense, you're almost at the finish line, the weekend is almost here, so hang in there!

    I wanted to share some photos from the InStyle Magazine #SummerSocial event I attended last night with all of you. I had so much fun mixing and mingling with other bloggers and brands and there were even a few raffles. I entered all of them, but I didn't really think I was going to win anything and when the crowd started dwindling as the event was coming to an end, I kept telling Eddie that I was ready to leave. He kept insisting we stay to hear all the names called for the raffles because he was convinced I was going to win something, well he was right-I won twice! You know, for the first few prizes before my name was called, I watched each girl go up as her name was called for the prize she won and I was so genuinely excited for each of them. I am one who really does like seeing others succeed and grow because I know that one day my dreams will come true and I would want others to feel happy and inspired by my success. Well, this testifies that when we keep the right attitude, good will always follow us. Key word follow; we won't have to look or search for it, it will find us. I hope this little story inspires you :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!



  • One of this Fall's Chicest Trends, but it Needs a New Name!

    08. 18. 15.


    Happy Tuesday beautiful!

    One of this fall's hottest and chicest trends is the "pussy bow" blouse. Yeah, I know a very awkward name indeed. I mean, who comes up with these names anyway?! Nothing like breaking the ice in the office by saying aloud, I absolutely love your pussy bow blouse, haha! Can you imagine? We're just gunna call it the bow blouse, a better name I think anyway. It's one that's perfect to wear in so many different ways and settings, so I encourage you to have fun and experiment in the office and on your local runway, aka your streets ;) I created a set that will give you some options on how you can wear this trend in different ways to get you started and of course I'll be showing you more with my own featured pairings, so stay tuned for that!

    I wish you all an awesome start to your day and sending you much love :)



  • Land & Sea

    08. 17. 15.



    BLOUSE: Laundry by Shelli Segal from TjMaxx (similar style on sale here) //   SKIRT: Caché (similar style on sale here// SHOES: Nine West (similar style here)  // STONE BRACELET: c/o Chloe + Isabel (here)  // SUNGLASSES: Salvatore Ferragamo (similar style here)

    Happy Monday!

    I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Today's look is one that's perfect for the office during this time of year. It's colorful, fresh, and exudes summer to the fullest. It reminds me of nature in land and sea form. The aqua blouse resembles the sea, while the animal print mixture on the skirt is reflective of land. The tortoise sunglasses with the aqua trim was a perfect way to finish the look, since it encompassed both colors and vibes in one. 

    What do YOU think of the look? I hope it inspires you :) Thanks so much for stopping by!



  • Your Go-To Fall Look!

    08. 12. 15.




    1 2 3 | 4 5 | 6


    Happy Hump Day beauties,

    After flipping through my magazine collection, I've noticed a reoccurring theme that I love for fall, chunky oversized sweaters paired with fitted skirts. Even though we are still in summer, fall is literally right around the corner, so what better time to prepare our closets then now?! I'm swooning over this combo and I know you will too because on those autumn days when you really don't know what to wear, this can certainly become a go-to option. It's easy and and reads minimalistic cool. Above is a look I created which will give you an idea on how you can style this trend; I hope you find it inspirational! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by and have an amazing day!



  • Buttoned Up

    08. 11. 15.


    SHIRT: Sans Souci from Marshalls (similar style here)  //  SKIRT: Theory (similar style here)  // PURSE: Tory Burch (similar style here)  // SHOES: Kenneth Cole (similar style on sale here// NECKLACE: c/o Athra Luxe 

    Happy Tuesday!

    One popular trend that I've been loving is the buttoned skirt. I think it adds more detail and interest to an otherwise simple skirt, making it much more unique. I happened to score this white one by Theory at a local thrift store. I was beyond excited when I spotted it and the price point was perfect. It's true what they say, you can certainly find some hidden treasures at thrift stores, you just have to have the patience to dig! 

    When it comes to body shapes, I think this trend would work well for every shape. For the apple and inverted triangle, it adds some interest to the bottom portion of the legs, helping to enhance your natural slender and defined legs. For the hourglass and pear, although these two shapes are quite curvy on the bottom, depending on the style, it can truly enhance those natural curves; a higher waist is best. Lastly, for the rectangular this style helps to create a nice focal point and if it's a high waisted style, it'll help to re-establish the waist area. 

    I hope you all found this post helpful in getting ready this Tuesday morning! I wish you all an awesome and productive day :)



  • A Statement with a Tee

    08. 05. 15.



    TEE: Max Studio from Marshalls (similar style on sale here// NECKLACE: c/o Happiness Boutique (available for pre-order here)  // PANTS: Dalia from Marshalls (similar style on sale here)  // SUNGLASSES: Salvatore Ferragamo (similar style here)  // CLUTCH: Ann Taylor Loft (similar style on sale here)  // SHOES: Nine West (similar style on sale here)

    *The scroll bar is showing different colors, click the image to access the color & style similar to what I'm wearing :)

    Happy Hump Day!

    Today's post is yet another bold look featuring a combination of mixed patterns and punches of color. This would be the perfect option to wear to work; you could substitute the colorful heels with basic black pumps and add a solid black blazer to tone down the look, but I would personally wear it as is in the office :) I've been on the hunt for a statement layered necklace for a while now and the one's I've come across didn't offer enough detail and layers as I would've liked. So when I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Happiness Boutique and saw their selection of statement necklaces, I was floored! This, to me, is the perfect versatile statement necklace anyone can own. Why? It can dress up any basic tee and would look amazing gracing the collar of a basic white button-up! I loved how it looked with this striped tee because it fit perfectly within the neckline, yet had a bit of an overlap, which I really really loved! 

    Now I know that there are many of you out there that feel insecure about your wider hips and butt, and so you turn to black as a way to conceal what I feel you should really embrace! The way to embrace those bountiful curves is to create some dimension up top and this can be done quite easily using some very simple styling strategies. For one, when wearing a bold colored pant like the one I'm wearing, opt for additional color, white, or a striped tee (this will visually widen your upper body) to balance out the attention placed on the hips. To complete the look, add a statement necklace to once again create some interest to your upper body and to add some dimension, since most of yours will be in the hips and booty (ain't nothin' wrong with that honey)! 

    I hope this post was helpful and most of all, inspirational! Don't forget to check out Happiness Boutique for some awesome and affordable statement pieces!



  • Perfect Peplum

    07. 27. 15.


    TOP: New York & Company (similar style on sale here)  |  SKIRT: New York & Company (similar style on sale here|  NECKLACE: Charming Charlie (similar style here)  |  SUNGLASSES: Salvatore Ferragamo (here |  PURSE: Michael Kors (similar style on sale here)  |  SHOES: Missguided (similar style on sale here)

    Happy Monday beautiful ladies!

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was pretty relaxed; we didn't have any special plans..remember a few years ago how peplum pieces were everywhere? I feel as though they died out a little, but that doesn't mean it still can't be worn! I feel it's a classic and timeless piece that comes in many forms, which can add a chic and sophisticated touch to any outfit. The beauty of it is that it helps to create and enhance one's curves, working wonders for those of us who may not have a defined waist or hips, such as the case with the rectangular shape. For the inverted triangle, which I don't have a styling video on but often discuss here on the blog and have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to, it helps to balance out the width of the shoulders. For the hourglass, it helps to enhance the natural curves. What I want to point out is the apple and pear shaped bodies. In the past, I wouldn't suggest peplum to apple shapesbut as I've styled other women who fall into this category, it is rather flattering. It helps to create the illusion of more curvaceous hips, thus balancing out the curvaceous upper body. Lastly, for the pear shape, I would suggest you keep the neckline in mind, as well as how high or low the peplum falls. If it falls low, you may want to avoid it, as it can add some unwanted visual weight to the hips. I myself am a pear shape and this particular top works for me because it widens above my natural hips. 

    I hope you all found this helpful and that it put you at ease knowing that peplum would look phenomenal on you, if you were second guessing! Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to check back again tomorrow for a brand new post!



  • The Perfect Summer Color Combinations!

    07. 16. 15.



    Hey Babes, 

    You all know how much I LOVE color and trying out different color combinations, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a post giving some ideas on some bold, vibrant colors you could combine for your summer looks. A question I often get asked when I encourage other women who generally shy away from bright colors, is how do I know which colors would look good together? Hopefully this post will give those of you asking the same question some ideas for combining pieces you have in your closet that you may have never thought to, giving you more use and options out of your items ;)



  • Mellow in Yellow

    07. 06. 15.



    Blouse: Ivanka Trump from TjMaxx (on sale hereNecklace: Charming Charlie (similar style hereLeggings: c/o Tamar Collection (similar style herePurse: Jessica Simpson (similar on sale hereShoes: Lulu*s (here

    Hey Girlies,

    I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! I spent it with my family in Brooklyn. We watched the legendary Macy's fireworks across the river in Williamsburg and spent much of yesterday at Coney Island. It was the first time in quite a few years that we decided not to spend it at Coney Island; we wanted to try something different. Plus, we were really disappointed with the show last year. If you're already thinking about coming to New York next year to watch the show, I suggest spending the day at Coney Island, so you can see the annual Nathan's hotdog eating contest and the evening in NYC or in Williamsburg to catch the Macy's show, the best in New York.

    Anyway, for today's look, I wanted to wear these faux leather white leggings. I know you may be thinking, "leather leggings in summer, really?!" but these are ultra thin, so it works. Of course white goes with any color, but I loved how summery and refreshing it looked with this yellow blouse; it reminded me of lemonade for some reason, haha! Plus, since I'm fuller on the bottom portion of my body, the pop of color on top helps to balance that out, a tip I would suggest if you have a similar shape. Oh and how awesome are these heels?! I fell in love with the denim texture and paint splatter print, but as a heads-up, they're not all that comfy and run a 1/2 size small (I ordered a 1/2 size up). I plan on purchasing some insoles to help with the comfort because I HAVE TO wear these babies more often, such a statement!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll catch you tomorrow with a new post!



  • Mint + Cobalt

    07. 01. 15.



    Blouse: Marshalls (similar style hereJeans: Express (similar style herePurse: Zac Posen from TjMaxx (similar style hereShoes: Ralph Lauren from Marshalls (similar style on sale here)

    Hey Babes!

    Cobalt is a very popular color during the fall and winter months and you kind of see it fall off the map come spring and summer. Well, I wanted to provide an outfit idea showcasing how you could still wear your favorite cobalt piece during the summer months. Cobalt looks amazing paired with mint greens and various shades of pinks and purples, which I worked into today's look. Since we're working with so much color, it's a combination that would work well for any body shape, since not one particular area of the body is being showcased the most; just keep in mind the style of blouse you choose to wear it with. I always say a flowy blouse is safe for all shapes because it provides more options; you can belt, tuck it, or leave it loose. I decided to do a half tuck. Oh, and if you're petite a look like this would help to elongate the body. If you want to further enhance this effect, I suggest you wear nude shoes and use the pop of pink or purple with you purse ;)

    I hope this post gave you some inspiration to work with! Thanks so much for stopping by :)



  • Get Styled: Summer Vests

    06. 23. 15.



    2 3 5 

    Hey Beauties!

    A piece I'm loving for summer is a longer vest. What I love about it is that it can take the place of a blazer on those really hot days that you want to somehow dress up your look. It'll add a nice finishing polish, creating a semi-casual feel. Above are some different ways that I plan on styling the vest I have this summer, which I hope gives you some ideas as well!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and come again tomorrow for another post :)



  • Embellished

    06. 10. 15.


    Top: H&M (similar style here) | Skirt: Blu Pepper (here) | Shoes: Nine West (similar pair here)

    Happy Hump Day!

    Today's outfit features a gorgeous skirt I purchased while away in Florida. Just like a little kid, I couldn't wait to wear it! I have so many different ways I plan on styling it, so keep an eye out for future posts! In the meantime, the first look I thought to put together features another embellished piece. At first I thought it would be too much going on, but after seeing the two together, I felt they were the perfect match. The stones in the skirt were the exact color in the shirt and the embellishments on the shirt were only on the neckline area, so it wasn't overwhelming. Since the skirt features horizontal stripes, it was important for me to help create some dimension and interest on the top, which the shirt did. It helped balance out my bottom curves perfectly. If you don't have any lower curves, this skirt would be perfect because the horizontal stripes causes the eye to go across the hips, making them appear wider ;)

    What do you think of the look? I hope it inspires you!




  • Broaden Your Horizons

    06. 08. 15.


    1. Boohoo (here) | 2. Boohoo (here) | 3. TopShop (here) | 4. TopShop (here) | 5. Boohoo ( on sale here) | 6. Boohoo (on sale here)

    Hello Loves,

    I hope you're all having an amazing start to your week! I'm back from Florida and New York has given me a warm welcome home with some amazing weather, so I can't complain, as the transition was easy. Anyway, I receive a lot of feedback, mainly on my videos, from ladies that have wider hips and feel that some of the suggestions for bottoms I make can't apply to them. If you're one of those who've left a comment like, "great tips, but won't work for me..." then you'll most likely remember me telling you that one strategy to help balance out the shoulders and upper body with your wider hips are wide necked tops, like a boatneck for example. I felt it would be a great idea to post some of my top picks that I'm loving this season to help your shopping experience that much easier! Feel free to let me know if there are any other examples you'd like for me to provide in a post. In the meantime, I hope you like my selection! 

    PS: These tops will not make your hips disappear, they will help add to and enhance your natural curves ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!



  • Get Styled: Alluring Ankles

    06. 02. 15.

    1. Top: Boohoo (on sale now here) | 2. Clutch: Glint (on sale here3. Necklace: Kendra Scott (here) 4. Skirt: River Island (here) | 5. Ring: Ela Stone (here) | 6. Shoes: Schutz (here)


    Hello Beautiful People!

    I'm thinking of starting a series on the blog, "Get Styled." It wouldn't really be any different than the posts I do that look like this, where I create a shoppable collage of looks I've personally styled, I would just have a title for it. I think it keeps things more organized and easy to find, especially once the update/revamp to the site is complete and ready to be revealed (I've been working on it for about a month now). If you have any other names in mind, let me know, I'm open to suggestions! Anyway, a trend that I really love is the midi skirt. I love how lady-like it is; it instantly adds some class and that chic factor, effortlessly to a look. When creating this outfit I used this paisley printed one as the starting point. To make it more modern, I decided to pair it with a boxy top. The color scheme is perfect for spring/summer, since it's very light and refreshing. Going back to the skirt, I would totally rock it with a black leather moto jacket come fall; I tend to look ahead to other seasons when I shop to ensure myself that I'll get a good use out of the piece, something I strongly suggest you do, too! Lastly, I added these fringed sandals for some added texture and to enhance the focus on the ankles, the only part of the leg this midi exposes. 

    I think this pairing would look great on every body shape, since the top is boxy and has longer sleeves, which could help in boosting confidence in those who may have larger arms or midsections, they're instantly gone! For those who don't have an ample bust and are insecure about that, the boxy shape can create the illusion of one and for those who are naturally boxy or rectangular, the contrast with the skirt's shape and style will help to visually distinguish the upper and lower portions of the body and can make the waist line appear slimmer and defined. So, with all of that said, what do YOU think of it?! Let me know in the comment section! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by!



  • Subtle Pops of Purple

    06. 01. 15.

    Blouse: Cynthia Rowley (similar style on sale here) | Skirt: LuLu's (similar style on sale here) | Bracelet: Alexis Bittar (similar style here) | Purse: Michael Kors (on sale here) | Shoes: Ralph Lauren (similar style on sale here) | Lip color: Milani's Violet Volt (on sale here)

    Hello loves! 

    When it comes to color, you already know that I'm all for it! However, I do understand for many it can be a little intimidating. Especially when it comes to what colors look best on different skin tones or which colors compliment each other and blend well in an outfit. It can be challenging, but once you become more comfortable and find what truly works for you, it's cake. I promise. 

    A great way to test the waters is to add subtle pops of one color in your outfit. You can do so by starting off with a basic or neutral piece that's guaranteed to work well as a canvas, such as white. Think of it as a piece of paper and the subtle touches of color, a crayon. I love that analogy! I would suggest wearing the white piece in an area that you're most comfortable with because just as black tends to slim, white tends to highlight and creates visual weight, so you definitely want to keep that in mind. For example, if you're self-conscious about your midsection, but love your legs, I'd suggest wearing a white skirt or shorts. The second thing you can do when it comes to adding pops of color is to wear a piece that has a few colors within a print. It makes it so much easier to choose which color you want to stand out more in using your accessories, since you already know that the color looks great with the others in the piece. 

    In the look I'm wearing, the top has some subtle pops of a purplish color. I wanted to bring it out more, since I felt it was getting a little lost in the dominant blue print. I chose to do so in 3 ways: my lip color, purse, and shoes. You don't need 3 accents, you can choose two or if you want it a little muted, just one. If you're just getting started with color, I'd suggest starting off with just 1 piece and then work your way up to 3 or even more if you begin to feel even bolder (I love it!). 

    I hope you found these tips helpful! If you don't know which colors would look best on your skin tone, I highly suggest you watch my video, "The Best Colors to Wear for Your Skin & Hair Tone." I have a lot of tips and visuals I know will help make you feel more confident in experimenting with colors that would look phenomenal on you!

    Thanks for stopping by!



  • Printed Shorts Taken Up a Notch!

    05. 28. 15.

    Blazer: Charlotte Russe // Tank: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// Shorts: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// Bracelet: Little Switzerland in Aruba // Shoes: Nine West ( Marshalls)

    Printed shorts are a favorite of mine, especially come summer! They can be dressed up or down, making them a perfect wardrobe staple. Today's post gives you an idea on how you could wear a pair to work or even just to dress up your look. By simply adding a blazer, the look is more refined, yet still fun since, in this case, it has a pop of color. The key to pulling off a pair of printed shorts without being insecure of bringing all the focus to the legs, would in fact be to add a fun top. You could of course pattern mix, as shown in yesterday's post, or add a fun pop of color with a blouse or blazer. This will help the eye focus on the overall look, helping to alleviate some insecurities us women can have sometimes when it comes to our legs, while still experimenting with our look. If you're not a fan of bold colors, you could choose to pull out one of the colors in your shorts and wear a solid blouse that color; I would've worn a white flowy blouse, if I wanted to tone things down. 

    I hope you found this post helpful, below are some printed shorts I'm loving this season. What do you think?!



  • Memorial Day Weekend Work Look...

    05. 22. 15.

    Blazer: Missguided // Tank: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// Jeans: New York & Company // Purse: Zac Posen (TjMaxx// Shoes: Steve Madden (Macy's)

    Memorial Day is right around the corner and this weekend, I will be helping you get ready for whatever celebration or activity you have planed. This post is an idea for what you can wear to work today. Most jobs will have a dress down day, so I felt this would be a perfect look to recreate. What I love about it is that it's patriotic in its color combo, but not overly so to the point that it looks tacky or overdone. What makes it look classy and still dressy is the dark denim and the gold accents; if you don't currently have a metallic purse in your collection, I highly suggest you consider purchasing one. They're great to wear all year long, since they're classified as neutrals, but they're even better to wear during the summer months! 

    This overall look would be great to wear if you're a pear or hourglass shape, since the top is being highlighted. I created an alternative look for the apple and rectangular body shapes. You of course should wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in, these are just my suggestions :) 

    This outfit would be perfect for all you apple shapes because the blouse has vertical stripes, which is visually slimming and the white jeans help to highlight your fabulous legs! Plus, white with gold accents create a chic and sophisticated look, making it a good alternative for dark blue denim and gold. 

    This look is perfect for the rectangular shape because it offers dimension and highlight. Just like with makeup, contouring provides dimension and highlighting causes something to stand out. There's no difference in strategy when it comes to dressing and styling! The red blouse will help to add some dimension to your bust and upper body, while the white blazer will help enhance the effect. 

    I hope you all have an awesome day! Thanks so much for stopping by!




  • Glee for Green...

    05. 21. 15.

    Shirt (so comfy!): RDI (Nordstrom Rack// Pants: New York & Company // Sunglasses: Christian Dior (Saks 5th Avenue// Loafers: Sperry's (TjMaxxPurse: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack// Bracelet: Alexis Bitar (TjMaxx)

    Growing up, I never was fond of the color green. In fact, I hated it! Anytime the teachers were giving anything out to the class, I would avoid the color and would get so upset, to say the least, if I was stuck with it. Fast forward some years later and the color has really grown on me. I actually feel very happy and inspired when wearing it. Perhaps it's because I love the outdoors so much and wearing it makes me feel how nature makes me feel, happy! One of my favorite colors to pair it with during the spring is pink, actually bubblegum pink is my favorite shade to mix it with. I just feel that it's very springy and fun. To add some spice to the look, I added these Sperry loafers that have a leopard accent; a print I absolutely love with the color.

    When it comes to body shapes, I feel that every shape would look great wearing the exact look I'm wearing. You could of course mix up the color arrangement, in case you don't have the exact pieces. Below are some options I created for your shape, I hope you like! 

  • Dark Florals...

    05. 18. 15.

    Blazer: Lust (Marshalls// Tank: Cynthia Rowley-I love these tanks, super comfy! (Marshalls// Jeans: Guess // Shoes: Nine West // Purse: Michael Kors (Marshalls// Sunglasses: Prada (Saks off 5th) 

    Florals are certainly synonymous with spring, so there isn't anything rather ground breaking about them on their own, unless they're coupled with a darker background! We saw darker florals make a splash on the trend season last year and they've become equally popular this time around. I personally love when a trend becomes recurrent, especially when it's one I love, because I then feel that I can spend that extra buck knowing I'll get a ton of use out of it and not look or feel out of style. I think that the darker background provides more of a sophisticated, yet daring feel as opposed to the classic white background or overlapping florals, which give off a more feminine and girly vibe. Check out some of my favorite darker floral pieces below, what do you think?!

  • Neutrals

    04. 28. 15.

    VEST: Calvin Klein (Marshalls// TANK: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// JEANS: Guess // PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshalls// SHOES: BCBGeneration (TjMaxx)


    Hi everyone,

    I hope you're having an awesome start to your Tuesday! One of the most common questions I get is, "what brand of jeans do you suggest for bottom curvier women?" My answer is always as follows, "Guess, 7 for all mankind, and New York & Company." In today's look, I'm wearing Guess high waisted jeans and I love them! They are super comfy and they fit great; I don't have any gaping in the back, as I would with other brands. There are a number of ways you can style high waisted jeans, here I chose to style them in a way that would be suitable for a dress down day at the office. The look is a bit casual, but still reads classy and professional, regardless of the rip detailing on the knees, which I love! I paired theM with a long dressier vest by Calvin Klein, which is great for either work or for a day off when you want to still look polished. I, surprisingly, didn't add any pops of color because I wanted the look the to be clean and a bit muted, having the styles and shapes (cut out detail on the shoes) to really come forth. Of course you can add some subtile color with a purse or piece of jewelry, but if the look is for work, I'd suggest limiting the color or patterns because the outfit will appear too casual for work, which of course depends on your work environment. 

    When it comes to body shapes, really any shape can wear this look because there isn't any one part of the body that's being highlighted or concealed. If you're petite, I'd suggest that you consider the length of the vest, as it can appear too large. If you do like the way the elongated vests look, select a style that's a bit more fitted and that stops no longer than mid thigh, if you plan on wearing heels. If you're planning on wearing flats, I suggest a style that comes up a bit higher, perhaps a little past the hips. 

    I hope you all found this post helpful and don't forget to stop by again on Thursday for another post. Oh, I mentioned in Sunday's post that I'm looking to make some major changes to the blog and one of the things I want to know is if you prefer posts every other day or daily (Mon-Fri)? Let me know! 

  • Pastel Sorbet

    04. 26. 15.

    BLAZER: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// SHIRT: Marshalls // PANTS: Arden B. // SHOES: Fergie // PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshalls)


    Hello beautiful people!

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a relaxing Sunday, preparing for what will be an amazing week ahead! It's all about perspective. If we loathe the idea of Monday, then we will surely have a bad start to the week. So, I say let's embrace the fact that we have another week ahead of us that's filled with hopes and aspirations, as well as the unknown, which can be a good thing. One thing I'm trying to work on is my attitude. Not to say I'm a mean person, but in terms of maintaining a positive way of thinking and viewing life's challenges. I have some big changes I plan to make on the blog which will touch upon that, and I know it will be of great help to all of you, as well as to myself, so stay tuned, exciting things are about to happen and I'll keep you posted as we approach those changes! 

    For today's look, I wanted to create a pairing that would include a softer and cooler palette. The overall tint of this look is blue, so it would look fantastic on those of you with cool or neutral (either silver or gold look great on you) skin tones. If you don't know if you're cool or warm toned, check out my YouTube video on how to determine that here. Like I was saying, I wanted to go for something that would capture spring and these are some of the colors that come to mind when I think of this awesome season of change. It's quite an inspiring season, a lot of change is going on around us and perhaps, like I mentioned before, some can go on within us as well :) 

    What did you think of the look? I hope you liked it and that it gave you some ideas and color possibilities. As always, please don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self!


  • Blue Leather Jacket & Floral Printed Leggings

    04. 20. 15.

    JACKET: Dorothy Perkins // BLOUSE: Marshalls // LEGGINGS: Local Boutique // SHOES: BCBGeneration (TjMaxx// BRACELET: Bali Couture (TjMaxx// RING: Gifted (TjMaxx// SUNGLASSES (seen in photos below)Christian Dior (Saks 5th Avenue)

    Happy Monday everyone!

    It's finally been looking and feeling a lot more like spring around here, yay! Aside for a random summer day we had on Saturday, it was near 80! Hey, I ain't complaining, especially with the winter we experienced here in New York, bring on the warmer days! Anyway, it's been beautiful out with some chills, nothing a cute jacket can't help with. I've really been loving colored leather jackets this spring. I purchased two so far and if I come across another great deal, I will certainly be adding to my collection. Every woman should have a basic black leather jacket, it's certainly a wardrobe staple; but it's also great to mix in some fun and interesting seasonal pieces and this pastel blue faux leather is perfect for those chilly spring days. I've actually been wearing it a lot since I purchased it over a month ago and Eddie was shocked that I had yet to share it on the blog, well until now! 



    This overall pairing would look great on all the body shapes, with a minor tweak. I would pay attention to the style of jacket you're purchasing, which can of course effect the entire look. One thing my apple, inverted, and hourglass shaped ladies I know have experienced, is the bulge around the bust when the jacket is zipped up and there's a lot of pockets and a large collar around the bust, particularly if you are very busty and in any of those three body shape categories. This won't matter much if you don't tend to zip up your jackets, but rather leave them open for a more casual, laid back look. However, the larger collars and zipper details found on most motto styles can still cause the bust to appear larger, even when just resting on the bust, so you may just want to consider selecting a style that doesn't have as much detail, especially since the color is sure to be enough pop for your look ;)


    I hope you enjoyed the post and come back soon! Thanks so much for stopping and please don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self! 

  • A Pastel Mix:: Lavender & Rose Pink

    04. 14. 15.

    BLAZER: Missguided // TANK: Express // NECKLACE: Charming Charlie // PANTS: Missguided // SHOES: Gucci (DSW// SUNGLASSES: Christian Dior (HERE)


    Happy Tuesday everyone! 

    I hope you're all having a wonderful day so far. Today's look is a typical spring mixture of pastels. I love lavender and a soft shade of pink combination. I feel it's the epitome of spring and is quite feminine, so if your style is more feminine and flirty, this look would be perfect for you! Now, these pants are quite interesting in that they have some pleating in the center part and I've noticed by comparing the way it looks on me and on the model on the website, if you're legs are thinner, the pleats don't appear too defined, as they do if you have fuller legs like myself. If you're an apple or rectangular shape, I think this would look great on you! If you're a pear or hourglass, like myself, I honestly think it'll come down to your comfort level and how you style them. I decided to add a more voluminous top that featured some ruffles, which you've heard me mention many times in videos and blog posts that they can help add some dimension to your bust area, thus balancing out the hips, especially when wearing skinny pant legs. I personally love them! If you're not too crazy about them, there are other options, like the pants I included in the scroll bar above, in recreating the look. 

    I hope you all felt inspired by this post and decide to recreate it on yourselves! As always, don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self!

  • Olive + Hot Pink

    04. 12. 15.

    BLAZER: Charlotte Russe // SHIRT: Max Studio (Marshalls) // PANTS: H&M // NECKLACE: Charming Charlie // SUNNIES: Ferragamo // SHOES: Nine West


    Happy Sunday!

    I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Today was really warm, reaching around 70! Woohoo! It prompted me to create a trendy mix of patterns and colors in this weekend's look. I personally love the way pink, especially hot pink, and olive look together. I originally was going to wear a solid gray tee, but I felt more could be added to the look. Had it been a pair of camo jeans, I would've probably kept my original plan, so if you don't have a solid olive jean or pant, you can substitute it by wearing a camo jean combined with either a solid grey tee or even a striped one, as I'm wearing. If you do opt for the latter, I wouldn't suggest wearing printed shoes because it'll look too busy, wear a solid pump instead (nude, black, or pink). Since I decided to go for the striped tee, I felt the rainbow leopard shoes would look great and I'm glad with the way it tied the whole look together.

    This is a pairing that would look great on all body shapes. However, if you are an inverted triangle, rectangular, or apple shape, I would suggest either going for a vertical striped shirt or the solid grey as I mentioned. 

    I hope you found some inspiration from today's look! Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self! 

  • Easter Sunday Outfit

    04. 08. 15.

    DRESS: New York & Company // EARRINGS: Charming Charlie // PURSE: Michael Kors (TjMaxx// SHOES: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls)


    Hello beauties, 

    I hope you're all having a great start to your Wednesday! This look is what I wore on Easter Sunday. I felt it was perfect because it just screams spring and as soon as I took it out of my spring/summer storage, I immediately thought of the orchid purse and shoes I've been wearing a ton these past few weeks. When I first got the purse, I really had no idea how often I would be wearing it. I mean, I knew I would get good use out of it, since that's the determining factor for all my purchases, but I didn't expect to wear it this much, lol! 

    You've heard me mention how much I love shift dresses, as they provide more options in wearing and styling them, since they don't have a shape of their own. In this case, and the majority of the times I wear this dress, I don't belt or cinch the waist because I don't want to take away from the beautiful design in the center, but it could certainly be done. It's also one of those styles that flatter every body shape, which I truly appreciate. Below are some similar styles of this dress that I would suggest for your shape! I am wearing the option for the either the pear or hourglass. The hourglass could also wear any of the other two dresses I included in the sets below.

    I know what you apple shapes may be thinking, "Jalisa, you do realize that this has a huge print down the center of the stomach?" My answer is yes, you're right down the center. What makes this dress flattering for you is that the print is vertical not horizontal, which would otherwise add visual width to your body, making you appear larger. The fact the print extends downwards and then becomes horizontal towards the hips, will help slim and lengthen your upper body, while providing visual width or hips ;) 

    What makes this dress perfect for you rectangular shapes is that it has two very different sections that contrast, distinguishing the upper and lower portions of your body, which is key. This would also be a great option if you have a short torso, since the pattern part on the top extends longer than the sold pink on the bottom ;)


    I hope you enjoyed today's post! Don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self!


    With lots of love, 

  • Spring 2015 Trends You Will LOVE & Look Great In!

    04. 02. 15.


    Hello my loves, 

    Today I bring to you a post that I know will help my trendiest fashionistas out there! We will be discussing the top spring 2015 trends and how you will look and feel amazing wearing them this season. There may be some trends that you've been eyeing but haven't necessarily felt would work for your body shape. I'm here to prove that they will; it all depends on how and where you wear them, so let's get started! 


    What I personally love about this pattern is that designers have provided options for it. What I mean by that is there are various sizes to the print, which is perfect when it comes to selecting a style for your body shape. If you remember in my video, "The Best Print Sized Tops for Your Body Shape", I explained in detail how print sizes matter, in that they can either make your appear larger or smaller. Below are some gingham pieces that I love and would suggest to you, according to your fabulous shape. 






    You've seen me wear suede in a couple of my most recent posts and read how much I love the fabric this time of year; it's smoother and softer than a more stiffened leather piece. Here are some various pieces that incorporate this fabulous texture in spring perfect shades!






    Stripes have been a "trend" for quite a few seasons now, but what makes this season's take on the recurring trend is it's boldness and difference in position and placement, giving it a more interesting and modern feel. 






    Fringe to me is synonymous with spring because it's commonly worn by those who seek to have cool Coachella vibes. Not going this year? Me either, but no worries, we can totally wear some fringe to bring in the festival vibe near home.






    This trend can be a bit risqué, depending on how it's worn and styled, a la Kim Kardashian at the fall 2015 Givenchy show. If that's not your thing, no worries, there are definitely more conservative options out there, let's take a look.






    Well, that concludes today's blog post, I hope you found it helpful, as well as insightful in what's trending for spring and how you can rock them this season! As always, don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self!


    With lots of love,

  • Mixed Prints & Radiant Orchid

    03. 31. 15.

    JACKET: Caché // TANK: Marshalls // PANTS: H&M // SHOES: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls) // PURSE: Michael Kors (TjMaxx) 


    My precious beauties, 

    I hope you're all having a wonderful afternoon so far! This outfit is perfect for this time of year, especially since most places are experiencing a bit of coldness during this start of spring. Black and white are colors that can be worn all year long, so don't think that they're only for the fall and winter months. The way you can make them more suitable for spring and/or summer, is by pairing them with beautiful pops of color, as I did here with the radiant orchid. Although radiant orchid was the color of the year last year, I'm still loving and wearing it and will continue to do so. I'm not too crazy about marsala being the color for 2015 because I don't really feel it can be worn all year long, as the radiant orchid can; it's more of a fall and winter pantone in my book. 

    I'm wearing the pear shaped version of the look, while I have other options below for the remaining body shapes. This pairing works for the pear shape best because the jacket has more a boxy silhouette, which helps widen out the upper body, essentially balancing out with our wider hips, which is important in this case, since we're working with a straight legged pant, which puts greater emphasis on the hip area. You'll notice the apple shape jacket I featured in the set is longer and this works great for this shape, since it helps extend the eye downwards to your beautiful legs. It prevents the eye from focusing primarily on your ample bust and upper body, creating attention on your body as a whole, rather than in parts. In the rectangular set, I selected a biker style jacket with the hounds print because it creates some dimension to the upper body, preventing it from looking boxy, so avoid styes like the jacket I wore, as it will make your body appear even more boxy than it actually is. Lastly, in the hourglass set, I selected a sleeveless vest style option that has a bit of a menswear inspired feel. These kind of pieces look exceptionally great on the hourglass shape, since your curves are proportional and the shorter hem in the front places a greater emphasis on your distinguished waistline. 



    I hope you all feel inspired to recreate this look on yourselves and if you do, please let me know! Until next time, thank you so much for stopping by and don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self!


    With lots of love,

  • Pastel Pairing Outfit Ideas for Spring!

    03. 29. 15.

    Hey Beauties, 

    I hope you're having a relaxing finish to your weekend! Now that we're in spring, I wanted to give you all some ideas on wearing pastels this season. I created a YouTube video last year (watch HERE) on wearing pastels, with a focus on not looking like a little girl, since pastels and softer hues can have the affect, especially if you're petite. In this post, I will be providing you all with some color pairing options, more for creating outfits. Both I'm sure will be helpful to you this spring! 


    Thanks so much for stopping by!


    With lots of love,

  • Pink + Violet

    03. 27. 15.

    WHITE BUTTON DOWN: Nordstrom Rack // SWEATER: Andrea Jovine (Marshalls) // JEANS: GUESS (Marshalls) // SHOES: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls) // PURSE: Dooney & Bourke // NECKLACE: Charming Charlie // WATCH: Michael Kors // BRACELET: Bali Couture // RING: TjMaxx


    Happy Friday everyone!

    I'm so happy it's Friday, it's been such a busy week and I'm glad that it's nearly over! Some places have a dress down day on Fridays and I think this would be a great option, if that's the case for you. It still looks classy and professional, but the jeans and pop of color make it more fun and exciting. I love wearing fun and colorful sweaters over a classic button up because I think they balance each other out rather nicely. One reads professional (the shirt), while the other has more of a fun, laid back feel (the sweater). It helps to prevent the whole look from appearing stiff or stuffy, which is key when working with a classic button-up. When you want to create a casual or semi casual vibe, it's essential to pair it with jeans that are lighter in wash or style, such as a pair of boyfriend jeans. 

    Below are some alternatives of this look for the body shapes, I'm wearing the pear shape version. 


    I hope you all have an awesome day and the official start to the weekend is just hours aways, so hold tight!!!


    With lots of love,

  • A Blue & Orange Mix

    03. 11. 15.

    JACKET: Little Mistress (Girls on Film HERE// T-SHIRT: Marshalls (similar HERE// JEANS: Rich & Skinny (similar HERE// PURSE: Errelleventidue (HERE// BRACELET: Bali Couture (TjMaxx similar HERE// BELT: GUCCI (similar HERE// SHOES: BCBGeneration (similar HERE

    Hey Guys, 

    These past few days have been heaven sent; the weather has been so gorgeous and I've been taking full advantage of wearing some spring pieces, mixed with some winter, yet transitional ones. It's crazy, I kind of get the sense of what some of these animals that hibernate must feel like when they come out of hibernation and see the beautiful weather and nature for the first time in months. It was so intense here in the Northeast this winter, with temperatures hitting frigid temps, the lowest ever in over 100 years and the amount of snow storms back to back. As I step outside each day, I've been so thankful and optimistic for the official start of spring! Plus, it just does something to your overall mood and confidence when the weather is beautiful, wouldn't you agree?!

    Today's look is rather interesting because it features a nice combination of navy and orange with a mixture of patterns. If you remember in my YouTube video (watch here), I mentioned a few strategies one can keep in mind when pattern mixing for one's body shape. In general, the rule of thumb is to wear a piece that features a smaller print in one area and a larger print in another, which helps in balancing things out and ties the whole look together. Since I'm a pear shape, I decided to wear a piece that features a larger print on top and a smaller print below. The smaller print helps in making my thighs appear leaner, as opposed to wearing a larger print that would further enhance the thickness, making them appear even larger. Some do want that effect and there's nothing wrong with that, if that's what you'd like to achieve. However, I know that there are some out there who like to either maintain what they have or visually slim the area and in those cases, this provides an example on what you can do to achieve that effect. 

    I, of course, provided some alternative options for all my ladies in the other body shape categories, which I hope is helpful :) 

    With lots of love,

  • Lady Like

    03. 09. 15.

    BLOUSE: H&M (similar style HERE// SKIRT: Little Mistress (HERE// BRACELET: Bali Couture (similar HERE// PURSE: Zac Posen (TjMaxx similar style HERE// SHOES: BCBGeneration (Marshalls similar style HERE


    Happy Monday!

    Today's outfit inspiration is perfect for spring, as it incorporates nude shades and lady like feels, with the embellished top, a-line midi skirt, and structured bow detailed satchel. I think navy and nudes are a perfect combination, especially when transitioning from winter to spring, as I've mentioned in previous posts. The reason is that navy is a cool toned color, which is synonymous with winter, and of course it's dark. The nude or blush toned pinks help soften a look that features navy, making it more light in feel, perfect for spring. 

    Midi skirts have made a huge comeback within the last year or so and I personally love them! It's refreshing to see some sort of lady like inspiration, since we've been seeing a lot more risqué pieces, such as see through bodysuits and dresses. However, I don't necessarily feel that they are flattering for everyone, particularly petites. The reason is that they're so long and can appear as though it's too much or overwhelming on a petite frame, which can give off a girl like feel instead of a lady like vibe. There are still options for those who like this lady like feel and are petite. One could opt for something along the lines of what I suggested for the apple shapes below. It gives off the same exact feel as the look I'm wearing, it's just shorter, exposing more of the leg. Even though more leg is showing, the a-line cut of the dress still reads lady like. Remember that a-line skirts or dresses flatter every body shape. I just created some alternative looks to give some other ideas as to how you can wear or style a similar look.

    As always, I hope you felt inspired and try recreating the looks on yourselves and if you do, please share by tagging me wherever you post! 


    With lots of love,

  • The New Yorker

    03. 07. 15.

    BLAZER: LuLu's (HERE// T-SHIRT: Marshalls (similar HERE// SCARF: Joie (similar HERE// JEANS: New York & Company (HERE// SHOES: Nine West (similar HEREPURSE: Gucci (similar HERE// WATCH: Michael Kors (HERE// BRACELET: Bali Couture (TjMaxx similar HERE


    Hello all my fabulous ladies,

    I hope you're all having a good start to your weekend so far! I wanted to give you all an idea of what you can wear out tonight or even for work on Monday morning. I know, you must be thinking, gurrrrl, my mind is so far away from Monday! It is good to plan your outfits ahead, though, so at least keep it in the back of your mind for Sunday night ;) Like I said, this outfit would be a great option to wear tonight, if you'll be going out to a restaurant with the girls, your hubby, or both! 

    If you ever wondered what a New Yorker style is like, this pretty much sums it up. In NYC, you'll tend to see a lot of black, grey, and grey with some pops of color, so this would be a great option for those of you who are planning on visiting NYC soon and want to blend in a bit ;) Much of the snow on the streets are melting, although the huge piles that are on every corner will take a couple of months to dissolve; they're that huge! 


    The look that I'm wearing would be ideal for a hourglass or rectangular shape and the other two shapes, I created looks for. You may be wondering why I would wear a look that would be ideal for those two shapes, when I'm a pear shape. The reason is that since I'm wearing black on both the top and bottom, not one area of my body is more prominent than the other, so it works and it's definitely a look the pear shape can pull off. I wouldn't necessarily suggest it for all my apple shapes because you have thinner legs and hips as it is and black will tend to visually slim them down even more and while you'll still be wearing a black blazer that would visually slim the area, it won't be anything that would be drastic compared to the effect created to the slimming of your leg, but that's only a suggestion :)

    Again, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    With lots of love,

  • Winter Floral & a Pop of Pink

    03. 05. 15.

    COAT: Vince Camuto (Marshalls similar style HERE// BLAZER: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls similar style HERE// BLOUSE: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// PANTS: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls similar style HERE// SHOES: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls similar style HERE// BRACELET: Bali Couture (TjMaxx similar style HERE// WATCH: Kenneth Cole (gifted similar style HERE// RING: Gifted (similar style HERE)


    Hey everyone,

    I hope you all are having an awesome day! It is snowing, once again, in New York! It's honestly crazy the amount of snow we've been getting and the short amount of time in between each storm, definitely something we're not used to over here! These photos were taken when there was a bit of flurries, nothing too serious, but of course it eventually intensified.

    I put together a work outfit idea, which I feel is perfect during these last few weeks of winter leading up to spring, since we're combining a floral pattern, pastel blue, pink, and a touch of a more intense color, navy. I love the way navy and pink go together, they compliment each other rather nicely. I also love pastel blue paired with it as well; it's a great option if you want to go for a monochromatic theme for your entire look; I'd just suggest adding blue or nude heels to help enhance that vibe. 

    I came up with some alternative options, if you loved the pairing, for the different body shapes. I, of course, am wearing the pear shape version and the rest are included in shoppable sets below, which I hope you love! I not only love doing these sort of posts because I'm passionate about helping women dress and feel great in their figures, but also for those of you who live outside of the U.S. and aren't able to work with me as your personal stylist on Keaton Row, since they only provide services within the U.S. It's also more personal than my general suggestions on my Pinterest boards, so you do see that I have many options in my approach to styling you all and making your life that much easier and fashionable of course ;) I hope you like the set I created for your body shape! 





    With lots of love, 

  • The Color Pairing Series: BLUE

    02. 25. 15.

    Hey Beauties!

    Today's blog post is on the different color combinations you can use when working with blue as a starter; a continuation of the color series, which I hope you've been finding helpful thus far! Blue is a great color to work with, as it can read professional (navy), girlie (pastel), and fun (cobalt). I created three sets that will hopefully provide you with some pairing ideas, some of which I'm certain you'll find helpful come spring, which is not that far along (thank goodness!!!). Take a look! 


    Which set(s) is your favorite? Or better yet, which combo is your fave? Click the comment button to share your thoughts!  


    With lots of love,

  • The Color Pairing Series: GREEN

    02. 23. 15.

    Hey everyone!

    Today's post is a continuation of the color pairing series and the next color up is green! Growing up, green was my least favorite color, but now, I love how earthy and vibrant it can look when creating an outfit. My goal throughout this series has been to demonstrate how practically every color can be worn with each other, it's just that in some cases, the tone or shade of the color is really important in making the combination a perfect match. In other words, when thinking of a color to work with, we shouldn't really be limiting ourselves to a generic or common shade of that color that we tend to see most commonly used because it can cause us to completely dismiss it, limiting our wardrobe and outfit pairings. With that said, you'll notice various shades of green, as well as the colors I paired it with because I felt that the "true" shades wouldn't look as best and instead, opted for various shades. I hope you find some inspiration :) 


    Thanks so much for stopping by!


    With lots of love,

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