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Happy Thursday my beautiful friends, 

I am a huge fan of 60s and 70s style and I'm stoked that we're seeing more and more pieces and trends hitting stores with these styles in preparation for fall, such as flared denim, suede, and ribbed shirts and sweaters.When it comes to flared jeans don't shy away; give those skinnies a break! For the past several years it's been as though no other style of jean ever existed before the skinny and while they're great because they're versatile, there are other options out there we can wear to mix up our look(s), such as the flare or bootcut. If you have wider hips, such is the case with the pear and hourglass body shapes, and are concerned about the flare making them appear wider, I'd suggest you go with a simple flare instead of the bell-bottom/wide legged option. Contrary to some belief the (subtle) flare on the leg helps balance out curvier shapes by mimicking the width of the hips, while providing some additional dimension and curve to the apple, inverted triangle, and rectangular body shapes (who I suggest go wider with the leg). Above is a set of inspired pieces that I'm loving that feature the most popular 70s style right now, I hope it inspires you to give one or all of them a try!

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