SWEATER: Juicy Couture (Saks 5th Avenue Outlet)  // JEANS: New York & Company // SUNNIES: Salvatore Ferragamo (outlet store// SHOES: Steve Madden (Marshalls




Hey everyone! 

Today's look is a an all grey look mixed with some hints of red. I love wearing a monochrome outfit with some subtle pops of color, I feel it truly enhances the overall look. What I love about grey is that any color you choose will definitely look great paired with it, so don't feel as though you need to select red, choose your favorite color! Another color I'd go for is neon yellow this time of year! What I also love about monochrome is that it makes the overall body look great, regardless of your shape. The reason is that it creates an overall lengthening and slimming effect, which is great, especially if you're petite, but aren't too fond of wearing heels; heels aren't your only option in creating some visual height ;) 


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VEST: Calvin Klein (Marshalls// TANK: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// JEANS: Guess // PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshalls// SHOES: BCBGeneration (TjMaxx)


Hi everyone,

I hope you're having an awesome start to your Tuesday! One of the most common questions I get is, "what brand of jeans do you suggest for bottom curvier women?" My answer is always as follows, "Guess, 7 for all mankind, and New York & Company." In today's look, I'm wearing Guess high waisted jeans and I love them! They are super comfy and they fit great; I don't have any gaping in the back, as I would with other brands. There are a number of ways you can style high waisted jeans, here I chose to style them in a way that would be suitable for a dress down day at the office. The look is a bit casual, but still reads classy and professional, regardless of the rip detailing on the knees, which I love! I paired theM with a long dressier vest by Calvin Klein, which is great for either work or for a day off when you want to still look polished. I, surprisingly, didn't add any pops of color because I wanted the look the to be clean and a bit muted, having the styles and shapes (cut out detail on the shoes) to really come forth. Of course you can add some subtile color with a purse or piece of jewelry, but if the look is for work, I'd suggest limiting the color or patterns because the outfit will appear too casual for work, which of course depends on your work environment. 

When it comes to body shapes, really any shape can wear this look because there isn't any one part of the body that's being highlighted or concealed. If you're petite, I'd suggest that you consider the length of the vest, as it can appear too large. If you do like the way the elongated vests look, select a style that's a bit more fitted and that stops no longer than mid thigh, if you plan on wearing heels. If you're planning on wearing flats, I suggest a style that comes up a bit higher, perhaps a little past the hips. 

I hope you all found this post helpful and don't forget to stop by again on Thursday for another post. Oh, I mentioned in Sunday's post that I'm looking to make some major changes to the blog and one of the things I want to know is if you prefer posts every other day or daily (Mon-Fri)? Let me know! 

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BLAZER: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls// SHIRT: Marshalls // PANTS: Arden B. // SHOES: Fergie // PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshalls)


Hello beautiful people!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a relaxing Sunday, preparing for what will be an amazing week ahead! It's all about perspective. If we loathe the idea of Monday, then we will surely have a bad start to the week. So, I say let's embrace the fact that we have another week ahead of us that's filled with hopes and aspirations, as well as the unknown, which can be a good thing. One thing I'm trying to work on is my attitude. Not to say I'm a mean person, but in terms of maintaining a positive way of thinking and viewing life's challenges. I have some big changes I plan to make on the blog which will touch upon that, and I know it will be of great help to all of you, as well as to myself, so stay tuned, exciting things are about to happen and I'll keep you posted as we approach those changes! 

For today's look, I wanted to create a pairing that would include a softer and cooler palette. The overall tint of this look is blue, so it would look fantastic on those of you with cool or neutral (either silver or gold look great on you) skin tones. If you don't know if you're cool or warm toned, check out my YouTube video on how to determine that here. Like I was saying, I wanted to go for something that would capture spring and these are some of the colors that come to mind when I think of this awesome season of change. It's quite an inspiring season, a lot of change is going on around us and perhaps, like I mentioned before, some can go on within us as well :) 

What did you think of the look? I hope you liked it and that it gave you some ideas and color possibilities. As always, please don't forget to stay beautiful, confident, and true to your beautiful self!


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Hello Beauties & Gents!

I've been doing a lot of window shopping lately; I've been behaving! I wanted to share the pieces I'm loving, in case you'd love them and are in the market to do some shopping. Many of you direct message me on Facebook asking my thoughts about specific pieces and what I'd suggest, so I thought this would be a great way to showcase what I love and would suggest to all of you. Oh, and I wanted to share the I'm planning on making some BIG changes to the blog within the next couple of months, which I'm super excited about and I know you all are going to love it! Anyway, here's a look at some things I'm craving and hopefully soon I can satisfy some of those cravings, hehe!  



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Hey everyone!

If you've been following my blog for some time, you know that I attend Red Light PR's bi-annual press preview event every year. Each time, I share some new brands that I discovered and love at the event, as well as some favorites from brands that I know and love. In today's post, I'll only be sharing the brands that are new to me and some of the pieces in their collection that I really liked. (CLICK COMMENT TO READ MORE)

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