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Hey Guys!

So it's the weekend, I'm pretty excited, especially since it's Labor Day weekend. Well, perhaps not all that excited since this marks the unofficial end to summer. I must admit, as much as I love summer, I do love fall and it's actually my favorite season in the states. I would love the opportunity to just jump on a plane and travel to some exotic island whenever I have the summer blues, but that unfortunately isn't an option for me, so I must take the time and enjoy the summer right now while it lasts. 

As many of you know, summer is often associated with bronze and gold metals, simply because of the sun, the tans we get, and just that overall summer glow. When getting dressed, I wanted to create a look totally reflective of summer and this is what immediately came to mind. The day wasn't extremely hot, there was a bit of a breeze, permitting the use of this sheer leopard printed blouse and linen pants. 

I've had this blouse for so many years and to be honest, I don't recall wearing it as much as I would think I would, I's leopard! You guys know how much I love leopard print. Although I'm not sure as to why I haven't been reaching for it as much, I do love the style of it. It's very flowy, which gives me the ability to either wear it out for a more casual look or tuck it in for a more clean and polished look, as I did here. 

I consider these pants a great find from Forever 21, which I purchased about a year ago. I love the color and the military style buttons on the front pockets, which I feel adds a nice touch. What I like even more is that since the pockets are positioned in a slant on the front part of my hips, instead of the sides, it doesn't add any unwanted width and volume to the area, which most of us pear shapes try to often avoid. 

I do like to create a matched look, using the same or similar colors in a pairing, but sometimes, I like to break things up a bit by adding unexpected color and/or print into the mix, which is what I did with the shoes I selected. I felt these color blocked shoes worked well, since all three colors looked great against the orange. To finish the look and pull out the red in my shoe a bit, I opted for my red Kate Spade purse, my summer love :)




BLOUSE: Marshalls

PANTS: Forever 21

BELT: Michael Kors (Marshalls)

EARRINGS: Charming Charlie

PURSE: Kate Spade Berkshire Road purse in the color Poppy (Marshalls)

SHOES: Nine West (outlet store)



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