Hey guys!

Today has been extremely hot and humid, to me, not the best mixture, but if it's not too hot than it's too cold, so sometimes we just gotta take it for what it is, right?! Anyway, I felt it was the right day to break out my funky pants that I've been wanting to wear since the moment I first laid my eyes on them...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Hello all my hard working ladies!

This week I wanted to discuss a rather popular trend in office wear, the short suit! Now, of course, the ability to wear dressy shorts to the office will depend on your work environment and the nature of your work, as well as your job location. As many of you know who follow me on my other social media sources, (CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Good evening gorgeous ladies!

Tonight, Eddie and I went to a restaurant right on the water. Even though it was a very rainy night, we still enjoyed the atmosphere. Friday nights are their lobster nights, they offer soups, appetizers, and entrées that contain lobster as the star ingredient. It was...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Hello lovelies!

Today was a rather fickle day because the sun would come out, only to be covered by those oh so rude clouds! But, that didn't stop me from bringing out some color! You guys know how much I LOVE to spice things up with color and I just loved the hints of red, paired with these grey skinnies. Truth be told, (CLICK READ MORE)


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Hello ladies!

I have been sharing with all of you my essentials for every working woman's closet, and today, I bring to you yet another, the sheath dress. The reason that I feel that it's such an essential is because it is extremely versatile. It can be worn to...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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