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This week's video is on selecting the best size of printed tops for your body shape! Have you ever tried on a printed blouse only to leave the store empty handed because it didn't look good on you? Chances are that you selected the wrong size that didn't necessarily flatter your body shape. I always stress the importance of identifying your body shape and working towards styling it correctly. We need to know and understand that not every piece of clothing, included printed pieces, work best on us. However, that does not mean that prints don't or will never look good on you! Watch this video to learn what you should look for when selecting a printed top the next time you go shopping! 


Video Photo Credit: CollageVintage.com

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BY: Lino Rise

TITLE: Fremantle

SOURCE: free-intro-music.com

Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0

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DRESS: Marshalls//PURSE: Tory Burch//NECKLACE: New York & Company//BRACELET: Lucky Brand//SHOES: Nine West (Marshalls)

Hey Girlies, 

To continue on with my recent fall fashion posts, I wanted to discuss florals. Many of us associate floral prints with spring, which is understandable, but did you know that you can also wear them during the fall and winter months, too? Yes ma'am! The key to pulling off a seasonally appropriate floral look is to work with pieces that feature the print against a darker base color. As you can see with this dress, the base color is black, which automatically gives a more darker tone to the overall look, making it a great transitional piece from day to night during this time of year. I plan on wearing this dress with black opaque tights and ankle boots as the temperature begins to drop, which I'll most likely feature on here for you all to see. I'm showing you all a dress, but of course this should and could apply to any other piece, such as blazers, blouses, or bottoms. I'm also thinking of recording a video on discussing some of what I mentioned in this post, while showing you other examples, and discussing body shape styling with it, what do you think?! 

Thanks so much for reading!


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Hello beautiful ladies!
Today's post is on the fall 2014 fashion trends incorporated into dresses. Since fall is a transitional season, the weather can often be fickle, cooling down and warming up throughout the day. One of the safest pieces to wear in this case would be a dress...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Hello Fashionistas!

In continuation of my fall fashion looks I've been creating, which I started yesterday with plaid, today we'll be discussing a sixties inspired trend, the shift dress. It actually isn't a trend itself, it's more of a classic piece and silhouette that compliments every body shape...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Happy Saturday everyone!

So the other day, Eddie and I were driving by the restaurant that we decided to eat at last night, and what brought us in, was a huge sign out front that read, "$22 for a 1/2lb lobster, corn on the cob, baked potato, and your choice of an appetizer and dessert!"...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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