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Hey Girlies!

This week's work outfit idea is definitely a summery and refreshing look, wouldn't you say?! The color combination is reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea and how it has variations of blue, forming a beautiful and tranquil seascape. When wearing this color pairing, you my dear are a walking piece of art! What I also love about the look, is not only does the color combination remind me of the Caribbean Sea (which I wish I was laying in at this very moment!), the snakeskin print on the skirt further enhances the earthy and nature inspired pairing. If you don't have a blue snakeskin printed skirt, no worries, you can still achieve this look and vibe with a solid navy skirt and mint green top combination. 

You've heard me mention the importance of tucking flowy blouses or tanks in, to emphasize your waistline, which is especially important to those of you who are rectangular shapes. However, when it comes to those of you who are apple shapes, I'd suggest you wear a pencil skirt that hits above the navel if you're stomach is wider because it can help visually slim that area.

If on the other-hand, your stomach protrudes outward, I don't suggest you wear a pencil skirt at all because the fabric can gather around the stomach area, creating more attention to be placed there. As an alternative, I'd suggest either a maxi or a-line skirt. The reason is because the natural silhouette of these skirts do not conform to the contours of your shape, as a pencil skirt would. It glides over the surface of the stomach area, thus concealing it. You could then tuck the blouse in to create an emphasis to your waistline, as mentioned above. 

As for accessories, although I didn't use much in this look, I'd suggest gold, silver, and/or red jewelry pieces. All of those colors are found within and around the sea and can help enhance the summer vibe of your look.

So what do YOU think?!



BLOUSE: Marshall's

SKIRT: Tahari (Annie Sez-on clearance $10)

BRACELET: New York & Company 

SHOES: BCBGeneration (Marshall's-on clearance- $20)



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