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BLAZER: H&M// SKIRT: Daily Look// NECKLACE: Local boutique// PURSE: Zac Posen (TjMaxx)// SHOES: Michael Antonio (Annie Sez)


Hey Girlies,

Today's look is inspired by 50s fashion, which makes it vintage, one of my favorite styles! I blended both feminine and masculine inspired pieces from the era, which as you know is one of my favorite things to do! Back then, women did not wear blazers often, as they were viewed and accepted as menswear, for the most part. So in this look, the plaid blazer has more of the masculine feel and the a-line midi skirt exudes that 50s chic and classy female homemaker, as well as the lady like purse.

You know, I really admire how the women back then did so much, yet managed to keep themselves so put together. I mean, the hair was always done, clothes were nicely pressed and matched well, and makeup was worn, although subtly. I understand that today, we live in a faster and more stressful society, but I think sometimes we should get lost in time and take some notes! I have many clients on Keaton Row that are homemakers and this is one of the hardest jobs out there, I mean you're molding and empowering a human life emotionally and developmentally! So, those of you who find yourselves playing this difficult role, I want you to dress up every so often, even if you don't have anywhere in particular to go, do it for you! I mean, you're doing so much for others, which makes it that much more important for you to step back and do and wear some things that will make you feel good!

The pairing I created would be perfect for all my fellow pear, rectangular, and hourglass shapes. However, if you're a petite pear, rectangular, or hourglass, below is an alternative look, which is very similar, but the skirt length is notably different. You'll also notice that I included two different metallic purses, one for all you cool toned ladies and the other for the warm toned. I also created a similar look for all my apple and inverted triangle shapes as well!

If you are a petite apple shape, the only suggestion I'd have is to wear a shorted plaid skirt, similar to the one I included in the petite look above! 
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Hello Ladies!

Working with color and/or print can either seem exciting or intimidating, depending on how you view it. Often times, women are intimidated because they don't feel they can pull it off. The reason many feel this way is because they've most likely worn colors or patterns in the wrong places, which further highlighted areas that they were insecure about. That's where I come in! The fact is that color and pattern works for everyone, the key of course is selecting shades that are the most flattering for your skin and hair tone, as well as placing those pieces in areas that will help visually balance you out and divert the eye from focusing on areas you may not want. 

I created shoppable looks for all four body shapes. This should make shopping and styling that much more easier, as well as boosting your confidence in knowing that color and pattern can and does work for you! 

This pairing would look wonderful on a pear shape because all of the eye-catching attention is placed on top, where we want it, in this case! Since I selected black flared pants (which balance out the width of the hips), I didn't want the entire look to be boring, so I decided to add a zebra printed blazer to help further enhance the color of the orange cami. It looks classy in this case because of the the silhouette. I don't generally suggest zebra print for the office, since it can appear a bit funky and party like, but in this case, it works! 





In the case of the apple, it's best to place color and print on the lower portion, to divert the eye from focusing primarily on your voluptuous top! The wrap style blouse is figure flattering and is an apple shape girl's best friend, either in tops or dresses; they help visually slim the upper body overall! I selected a wide pant leg because it visually balances out a wider upper body, thus making the top portion appear slimmer and proportional. 




For all you rectangular shapes, texture can really help enhance your shape and create the enhancement of curves. I selected this fuzzy sweater, which will add some volume and dimension to the upper body, making it appear fuller. I selected printed pants to help maintain your proportions, essentially maintaining interest on both sections of your body. Since you have equal proportions on both your top and bottom, you hold the ultimate choice in whether you would like to enhance a specific area of your body or do so overall.





For all you hourglass shapes, I'd suggest the same tips as mentioned above for the rectangulars. Since you both have equally proportioned frames, you hold the choice of selecting where you'd like the main focus to be or if you'd like to maintain an equal balance, which I often suggest, especially in your case. In this look, we have patterns on both the top and bottom, but they don't clash and don't appear overbearing. The reason is because the print in the pant is subtle and smaller, while the top features more vibrant and larger patterns and colors. To further tone down the look, if you choose (depending on your work setting), I'd suggest wearing a basic solid colored blazer, it'll help tie the entire look together and appear more professional.  




I hope you enjoyed this post and style! Be sure to let me know if you do and I will certainly create more shoppable looks, according to each body shape!




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BLOUSE: Marshalls// EARRINGS: Annie Sez// RING: c/o Kendra Scott// NECKLACE: Athra Luxe// WATCH: Michael Kors// JEANS: New York & Company (HERE)// PURSE: Kate Spade (Marshalls)// SHOES: Steve Madden (Marshalls)



Hey Girlies!

Today, I felt like doing something different with my hair, so I tried out this three tail braid that I saw MiMi from Luxy Hair do in a tutorial (she's the BEST at hair tutorials!). It's actually very easy to do, despite how complex it may appear. I left some pieces out to curl, giving it somewhat of a messy look, which I really liked. It helped soften the look a bit, making it both classy and fun. 

As for my outfit, I woke up knowing that I wanted to wear this houndstooth printed blouse, but I just didn't know with what. I was thinking of black or dark washed jeans, but I felt either of those options would've made the look too dressy and that wasn't the overall vibe I wanted to create. Instead, I selected these medium washed jeans that have a bit of distressed detailing on them, which helped pull out that relaxed undertone, captured with my messy braid hair-do. To further enhance the tone, I cuffed the bottom portion of the jean and paired them with open toed shoes. This would be a perfect look for walking around the town, window shopping, or for meeting up with the girls for a coffee break, as well as for work, if a blazer were thrown over, the jeans were un-cuffed, and paired with pointed-toe shoes. 

One thing I absolutely love about creating a pairing is mixing and matching different tones and styles together to create an eclectic look, which I think defines my overall style, for the most part. While I do have a tendency to favor glam, I am not one to turn my back on any style. Being unpredictable with your creations is mysterious and keeps your wardrobe interesting, wouldn't you say?! That's part of the reason you often see me wearing many of the same pieces, but styled in different ways, exuding different styles. That and I'm unfortunately not a Rockefeller to afford only wearing things once, lol! 

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by and check back tomorrow. I'll be creating a pairing using a different technique :)




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Hello Loves!

You've been reading about my obsession of fur vests for the past few days now. It's a piece that I genuinely love and I highly suggest you get your hands on one and fast, since they're always popular during these fall months and when stores get them, especially in brown, they tend to sell out quickly. Although brown is a common favorite when it comes to vests, black is just as versatile, but has a more classy feel to it, as opposed to the browns, which can have a more casual element, especially when they're in lighter shades of brown. Because of this, it makes for a great addition to your work wardrobe. It can easily take the place of a blazer or cardigan, providing warmth and professionalism, as well as a glam finishing touch! 

I created this look in hopes of inspiring you when creating a work look centered around a black fur vest, although you can of course wear any color you have or can get your hands on! This look is professional, sophisticated, and down right fabulous, simply because it has the luxurious texture in the fur (we work with faux!), leopard print, and bold red color combination. The polka dotted blouse adds a bit of a retro style, which ties in perfectly with the other chic pieces, working together to create this overall glamorous work look, without being over the top for the office! 

I hope you like the look and attempt to recreate it on yourselves!


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Hey guys!

In the beginning of the year, I announced on my blog that orchid was the color of the year. It's a gorgeous hue of purple and I feel it's perfect for fall. I've also mentioned how orange is the new black this upcoming fall; it's a bold color that makes a bold statement and can take any plain look up a notch in an instant. When creating a look for today's post, I wanted to combine both the color of the year and the color of the season into one outfit. I wasn't sure how they'd blend, but I actually love the end result. I think the two colors compliment each other rather nicely and would make for a fantastic pairing this fall, would you agree? So take your work look up a notch by blending these two beautiful and bold colors and be anything but ordinary, simply because YOU are! 

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