Hey Girlies!

This week's video is a tag! I'm super excited for you guys to watch and possibly respond! I was tagged by a viewer and fellow YouTuber, who created this tag, The Aware Beauty, check her out! If you're interested in doing this tag yourself, here are the questions:


1) What is your name?


2) How old are you?


3) Where are your from (what is your accent)?


4) How tall are you?


5) Is YouTube your full time job?


6) Who inspired you to join YouTube?


7) What are your dreams for your channel?


8) What camera do you use/editing info?


9) What question are you often asked? or What is a fun fact you would like to share?


10) Who should answer these questions next?


If you'd like to watch The Sweater Weather Tag Video, you can check that out HERE

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