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Hello Gorges! 

As some of you may know, last night, we experienced quite a bit of snow here in the Northeast...again; which forced me inside to take the pics for today. I feel like we're just getting slammed with snow here; I think this is our third one to date for the season! As much as I love winter and snow, I'm starting to get a little antsy for spring to roll around, mainly because I love taking my pics outside with the gorgeous scenery. 

Anyway, you've seen me wear this skirt before for a W3 post, but I of course styled it differently here. This time around, I created a look with a very different mixture of textures, linen and leather. Now I know that it's winter and some of you may be thinking that it's crazy to wear linen in the winter, but think about those days when you get extremely hot in the office because the heat is cranked up and you're moving around constantly, that linen sounds pretty good right about now, huh?! This is actually the scenario that inspired me to create this pairing.

Leather is a very stiff texture and I often like to combine it with softer pieces to balance out the look, making it more eclectic. I felt the beige worked well with the black and gave off a very chic yet edgy vibe. To give credit where credit is due, Eddie suggested the plum colored cami underneath, which you can barely tell the color of because of the lighting, so I lightened up one of the pics so you can get an idea of the true color. Then of course that inspired me to wear this gorgeous disc necklace with different shades of purple and antique silver, which complemented the leather rather nicely. To put a different spin on things, I decided to mix the metals by wearing these gold Steve Madden spiked pointed-toe shoes. I'm not always a fan of mixed metals, but I believe this look worked well with the idea. What do you think?



CAMI: Express

LINEN BLAZER: Charlotte Russe


SHOES: Steve Madden




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