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Hey Guys!

Today's outfit is a monochrome look I put together using the grey and black color scheme. I've mentioned time and time again that monochrome looks work great for all you petite ladies. The reason is that the body doesn't look so divided into sections, as it is naturally, making it appear as though you are just one long being, if that makes any sense, lol. Now, although I would suggest a look like this to all of you petites that want to add some visual height, I wouldn't necessarily suggest you go with a similar boot to the one I'm wearing here. The reason is that it cuts off a bit of my ankle visually. So if you have a grey boot that would work better or if you wanted to switch things up and go with a black bottom and grey top section that would work and you'd be able to wear a black bootie without cutting off some inches. 


Now when it comes to your shape, I want all you curvy ladies (pear and hourglasses) to keep one thing in mind when wearing grey denim, it can make your legs appear more fuller! The reason is because grey of course is a blend of white and black and so it does have a lighter and whiter hue. Generally speaking, white brings more attention to an area and in this case, it would bring more attention to the thighs. The black booties, as I mentioned before, have a shortening effect in this case, so the legs could actually appear short and stubby if you are petite. That being said, if you would absolutely want to wear a look like this, I suggest wearing a big, fluffy, patterned scarf as I'm wearing here and perhaps a bold lip. This will cause the eye to create some volume up top with the scarf and bring the eyes to the face with the bold lip. In the case of the apple shape, this bottom half of the look would work great with your shape, since your goal is to add some visual weight to your bottom half. The only thing I would suggest minimizing or eliminating, would be the scarf, especially if you're on the busty side. Instead, opt for a long chain that has some sort of embellishments or charms to visually elongate and slim your upper body, but make sure it doesn't stop at the fullest part of your midsection! 



COCOON SWEATER: Michael Kors (Marshall's)

SKINNY JEANS: New York & Company

ANKLE BOOTS: Nine West's Edytheo (outlet store)

BELT: Gucci

PURSE: Tory Burch

SCARF: c/o Joie

LIPSTICK: Milani's Raspberry Rush #19



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