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Hey Guys!

I've been expressing my excitement for spring's arrival, in which the news reports tried to rob me of! There was yet another snow scare for today and thankfully their reports were proven futile. Not to say that it's the meteorologists' fault, however, I do believe if they see something slightly show up on their radars and satellites that they know won't become much at all, they're quick to report it and make a huge to do about it for ratings' sake. But I know they work hard at their jobs, so I will try not to take my frustration out on them, lol! Anyway, so it hasn't snowed and I'm, as much as everyone else around here, happy about that! Don't let my outfit fool you, it's pretty cold around here; I just sucked it up for the sake of the photos, but I was pretty cold, especially since we were shooting by the water! This outfit is still wearable now though, if you'll be indoors much of the day. 

I mentioned how much I love statement scarves in yesterday's post, since they can take the place of a necklace, so you could see why I love this scarf so much! Not only is it interesting in that it has a tie-dye effect and stud detailing on each end of the scarf, but it also has a necklace! This is another scarf that was made in India by an Indian inspired brand, Tolani. Their pieces can be a bit pricey, so if you come across their scarves at Marshall's, like I did, snag them up! They're definitely unique and intricately made, so I can understand why their so pricey, but I also love a good bargain deal, too ;) 

These baroque printed jeans are no stranger to the blog, I've worn and styled them in various ways. This time around, I went for a more semi-casual look that exuded spring with it's hints of beige, to add that airy vibe, synonymous with spring. This print is growing as a trend and popping up all over the runways season after season, including Dolce & Gabana, Michele Lovetri, and Versace (to name a few). I'm a bit hesitant to refer to it as a trend, however, since I feel it's more of a timeless print, as is houndstooth. It's a very elegant and sophisticated print inspired by many of the historic architectures in Europe. 

So what do YOU think of the look and baroque print? Is it a print that you'd most likely wear? If so, how would you wear and style it? 



SWEATER: Marshall's

JEANS: Arden B

SCARF: Tolani (Marshall's)

SHOES: BCBGeneration (Marshall's)



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