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Hello Ladies!

This week's work wear inspired post is based on a new spin on the classic button-up shirt. We all know that a white button-up is a classic and timeless piece, which I mentioned in my 8 Essential Pieces You Should SPLURGE On! video. Once we have that multi functional piece, we are then allowed to have fun and experiment with various colors and patterns. One of those colors that has been spotted on the runways, for the spring/summer 2014 collections, is blue. It's easily understandable as to why it's become so popular this spring, especially for the office, since it's refreshing, adds some color, and aids as a nice backdrop to various statement pieces one can wear. I wouldn't necessarily label this as a must have splurge item, since it's white counterpart is a bit more functional, but I do think it's one to add to your work wardrobe this season, which can still of course be worn all year long! 

For this week's look, I created a wearable Euro-inspired vintage outfit. It's very clean and lady-like and is combined with another hot trend this season, the midi-skirt. A look like this simply exudes spring, keeping you refreshed and fashionable all day at the office. You could of course substitute the heels with almond or pointed-toe nude flats, however, if you're petite, I wouldn't necessarily suggest the flats combined with this sort of skirt, since it can exaggerate your petite stature. If you're not comfortable wearing heels with a thin heel all day, wedges would be another great alternative and are still wearable in the office, if you're work place has a more relaxed setting, during the spring and summer months. 

So what do YOU think of the look? 



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