Hello ladies!

When I took these jeans out this morning, I immediately thought of Rachel Zoe. She is notorious for rocking the wide/bell bottom style pants/jeans and she wears it well! I like this particular pant leg because it helps balance out my lower body...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Hello gorgeous ladies!

This week's video topic is catered to my petite ladies! I wanted to do a video that would provide you all with some basic suggestions that you could incorporate into your wardrobe and styling.(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Good morning loves!

This week, we decided to pay a visit to one of our classics, Mulino's of Westchester. Both the service and food are impeccable...(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Hello darling dolls,

Today is such a fabulous day here in New York and I'm taking full advantage of it, as soon as I'm finished posting this, I'm heading right back outside! Days like this always lead me to a park or around nature, which I love because it helps clear my mind and relax me, just watching the trees move in the wind, feeling the breeze blowing through my hair, listening (CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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Good morning to all my hard working women!

This week's W3 post is all about the skinny pant. I absolutely love skinny pants for more than one reason. I personally think that they can look great on every body shape, of course you may need to play around with what works for your shape.(CLICK READ MORE!!!)

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