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Hello darling dolls,

Today is such a fabulous day here in New York and I'm taking full advantage of it, as soon as I'm finished posting this, I'm heading right back outside! Days like this always lead me to a park or around nature, which I love because it helps clear my mind and relax me, just watching the trees move in the wind, feeling the breeze blowing through my hair, listening to the the birds chirping, singing their song, such beauty is found in nature. I've always been a deep thinker and it's important for me to have that time to just allow myself to think about nothing, if that makes sense. I think we all need that time, a moment where we don't need to think about what we need to do next or what we didn't do last, especially if you live here in the northeast, where life is sooooo fast paced. 

As for my outfit, you may recognize these coral pants from the time I went out to dinner with my mother a few weeks ago. I love them so much and I wanted to show how even colored jeans or pants can be easily transitional, especially if you're on the fence on whether or not you should purchase a pair. I chose to add a jewel toned color, eggplant, on my shoes, the jewels remind me of Vera Wang's Princess perfume. I guess since the main purple (lavender) stone is the same color found on her bottle and the gold hardware. I had originally worn a neon yellow infinity scarf with the outfit, but it started to warm up a bit, so I ditched it. But while I had it on, it looked really good paired with the coral pants, so I'm definitely going to create another pairing with neon accents and these pants again. I chose to wear gold jewelry because I feel that gold is more complimentary to the coral than silver, since they're both warmer toned colors. But, if you prefer silver, then by all means, work it! 


Blazer: Marshall's

Jeggings: Arden B.

Flats: Nine West (from Marshall's)

Purse: Tory Burch



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