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Good morning to all my hard working women!

This week's W3 post is all about the skinny pant. I absolutely love skinny pants for more than one reason. I personally think that they can look great on every body shape, of course you may need to play around with what works for your shape. For example, if you're an apple and want to wear a pair of skinny pants to work, then I suggest something like the printed skinny shown below, with a neutral chiffon blouse or something simple, without detailing. This of course, will draw some of the attention away from your larger bust and balance out the eye, by causing it to look down at your pants as well. For the pear, I suggest the opposite. You want to, ideally, go for something a bit plain, without any paneling down the middle of the pant, which will bring more attention to your hips, and pair it with a nice bold colored or textured top. If, however, you're like me and enjoy wearing colored pants, then just make sure that you add some interest to your upper body, as well, to avoid all of the attention being placed at your hips and butt. For the boy shape, I would suggest something like the last pant shown below, to the right. It's high waisted, so if you were to tuck in a nice flowy blouse, the folding will help add some interest and prevent you from looking too thin or you can add a blouse that has some ruffling around the chest, to give the appearance of a larger chest area. As for the hourglass, just make sure that your top is also nicely tailored, well fitting, to maintain your curves and not over emphasize your chest or lower body, which will make you appear larger or bottom/top heavy (pear/apple). 

In terms of accessorizing for the office, I would say if you're going to work with color and patterns, regardless of your body shape, you want to create an overall pattern or flow. If you decide to wear a pattern or color up top then have the outfit appear like: pattern, solid, pattern (top, pants, shoes) or solid, pattern, solid (top, pants, shoes). This will help prevent you from looking way too funky and fashion forward for the office, unless your job permits, then by all means, go for it! But if not, you want to of course look trendy, yet polished and appropriate at the same time.

As always, I hope that you found this post helpful!


First pant: ASOS pant in Bold Floral Print 

Middle pant: Dorothy Perkins

Last pant: ASOS skinny cropped pants




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