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BLAZER: H&M// SKIRT: Daily Look// NECKLACE: Local boutique// PURSE: Zac Posen (TjMaxx)// SHOES: Michael Antonio (Annie Sez)


Hey Girlies,

Today's look is inspired by 50s fashion, which makes it vintage, one of my favorite styles! I blended both feminine and masculine inspired pieces from the era, which as you know is one of my favorite things to do! Back then, women did not wear blazers often, as they were viewed and accepted as menswear, for the most part. So in this look, the plaid blazer has more of the masculine feel and the a-line midi skirt exudes that 50s chic and classy female homemaker, as well as the lady like purse.

You know, I really admire how the women back then did so much, yet managed to keep themselves so put together. I mean, the hair was always done, clothes were nicely pressed and matched well, and makeup was worn, although subtly. I understand that today, we live in a faster and more stressful society, but I think sometimes we should get lost in time and take some notes! I have many clients on Keaton Row that are homemakers and this is one of the hardest jobs out there, I mean you're molding and empowering a human life emotionally and developmentally! So, those of you who find yourselves playing this difficult role, I want you to dress up every so often, even if you don't have anywhere in particular to go, do it for you! I mean, you're doing so much for others, which makes it that much more important for you to step back and do and wear some things that will make you feel good!

The pairing I created would be perfect for all my fellow pear, rectangular, and hourglass shapes. However, if you're a petite pear, rectangular, or hourglass, below is an alternative look, which is very similar, but the skirt length is notably different. You'll also notice that I included two different metallic purses, one for all you cool toned ladies and the other for the warm toned. I also created a similar look for all my apple and inverted triangle shapes as well!




If you are a petite apple shape, the only suggestion I'd have is to wear a shorted plaid skirt, similar to the one I included in the petite look above! 
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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