SWEATER: Wilson & Clay (Marshalls) // PANTS: H&M // PURSE: Dooney & Bourke (Marshalls) // BOOTIES: Marshalls 

Hello Girlies,

Today's look is inspired by the urban streets of New York, in which I've grown up, The Bronx. I've mentioned to you before how fellow New Yorkers can generally tell which borough a person's from based on his or her accent. While it's all a New York accent, each borough has a more or less exaggerated version and I believe it's a bit true when it comes to style and vibes. I've created outfits in the past  that have been inspired by the streets of Brooklyn, which tend to feature more earthy tones and an overall vintage vibe, which I now refer to as "Brooklyny," lol! The Bronx borough has more of a sportswear and menswear inspired running theme, demonstrated by the New York Yankee fitteds you'll see all throughout the streets, the latest Jordan's on feets, and if not that...Timberland boots! It's very common to see matching couples walking the streets and riding the trains in this borough. You'll see matching Jordan's and Timberland boots and while I used to do this as teenager, I sometimes felt as though I was loosing my femininity within the style. I'm sure that there are those of you out there that may feel the same and want to dress in an urban manner, whether you're from NY or Detroit, or from anywhere for that matter! The way to pull off an urban look, yet maintain that feminine flow is to accessorize in a way that reads street chic.

Street chic is simply maintaining the inspiration you have from your area, while adding some hints of glamour. These Timberland inspired booties do just that, as do sneaker wedges. They have that menswear inspired vibe with that perfect touch of glam, which I love! Many men inspired shoes for the ladies now come in heel options (such as loafers), not to say that if you wear the flat version you won't look or appear womanly, not true, you've seen me rock the flat versions, too! This is an option for all those lover of heels that want the menswear vibe blended ;) 

Now, if you're loving this look, regardless of where you live, which doesn't matter because style and fashion is present within us as much as around us, then below are options that I've created for your body shape, so you can achieve the same vibe. This outfit would be perfect for school, since the heel is chunky, making it more comfortable and easy to walk in! The pear shape version is the one I'm wearing and I have links to similar pieces above, if you're interested in shopping the post. 





Thanks for stopping by and I hope the post inspired you!


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Hello loves!

This week's video is on selecting the best size of printed tops for your body shape! Have you ever tried on a printed blouse only to leave the store empty handed because it didn't look good on you? Chances are that you selected the wrong size that didn't necessarily flatter your body shape. I always stress the importance of identifying your body shape and working towards styling it correctly. We need to know and understand that not every piece of clothing, included printed pieces, work best on us. However, that does not mean that prints don't or will never look good on you! Watch this video to learn what you should look for when selecting a printed top the next time you go shopping! 


Video Photo Credit: CollageVintage.com

Music in Inro:

BY: Lino Rise

TITLE: Fremantle

SOURCE: free-intro-music.com

Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0

DISCLAIMER: This video has NOT been sponsored!




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TEE SHIRT: JcPenney//JEANS: Kiss (Marshalls)//WATCH: Kenneth Cole c/o Red Light PR//SNEAKER WEDGES: Polo Ralph Lauren (The Burlington Coat Factory)

Hello ladies,

One of the trends I'm loving and particularly interested in this season, is the sports luxe trend, a look I'm sporting today. The reason I'm excited about it is because it's comfy and depending on how you wear and mix and match it, stylish as well! This certainly is a combination that I'm sure many of us would appreciate, since often times, the trends that are taken from and inspired by the runways are anything but comfy, let alone practical for everyday wear. 

The key, I feel, to pulling off a successful sports luxe look is to work with sporty pieces that are in basic or monotonous color palettes; it'll give off more of that luxe part of the trend. To prevent your outfit from appearing boring or drab, you can add hints of color in your accessories. In my look, I maintained more of a monotonous color scheme, which was just my personal preference in this case. I chose to pair the jersey inspired tee shirt with black skinny jeans because it features a leather strip on each side, which blended well with the horizontal stripes on the shirt. Plus, stripes are a bit synonymous with sports. To intensify the theme, I added these sneaker wedges, which you've seen before. The black jean and sneaker combo created a lean and lengthening effect to the legs because the same color was used for both, a trick I often emphasize to accomplish this effect. If you wanted to add more of a glam (luxe) vibe, you could sport a red or bold lip. I had intentions of wearing a plum lip to correspond with the shirt, but decided that I wanted the sporty vibe to be more dominant, which is why I opted for nude lips. 

What do you think of the sports luxe trend? Is it a trend you're will to try? I personally think it's one that's universally flattering, since the pieces tend to have more of a masculine feel, allowing you to choose where you want the attention to be place and it's a trend that's found in numerous pieces, in both tops and bottoms, as well as single pieces, such as shapeless dresses. 



Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!



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Hey Girlies,

This week's video is on styling one of my favorite fall accessories, the poncho! It's one of those timeless and versatile pieces that I feel every girl needs. In this video, I give you all some ideas on how to style them in various ways, as well as some tips on what styles to look for, for your height and body shape...enjoy! 

To view outfit photos and details, click the comment/read more button! 


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Hello Beauties!
Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a launch party, hosted by Red Light PR, for a beautiful and unique jewelry line, Anitanja, named after the St. Lucia based creator and designer.  Her line is intended to help reconnect people with nature and earth; she mentions, "quite often, we forget our true beginnings and we're so far removed. I want my clients to feel just a little bit closer to nature when wearing my pieces. They are all inspired by the beautiful island of St. Lucia and each is taking inspiration from either the forests, the Caribbean Sea or some element of my life here." 

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