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Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a launch party, hosted by Red Light PR, for a beautiful and unique jewelry line, Anitanja, named after the St. Lucia based creator and designer. Anitanja was born and raised in St. Lucia and has lived a life very much connected and influenced by nature, spending much of her childhood embracing her surroundings and partaking in activities that further connected her to the beautiful landscapes of this tranquil island she calls home. Her line is intended to help reconnect people with nature and earth; she mentions, "quite often, we forget our true beginnings and we're so far removed. I want my clients to feel just a little bit closer to nature when wearing my pieces. They are all inspired by the beautiful island of St. Lucia and each is taking inspiration from either the forests, the Caribbean Sea or some element of my life here." There are 6 distinct collections within her line, all of which I was able to see and try on at the event. These collections are: The Seed, The Sea Fan, The Piton, The Drift Cone, The Medallion, and The Cocoa Collections. 
I was able to personally meet and further discuss the collections with Anitanja, who was an absolute pleasure! She's the true definition of creativity, which is truly depicted in each of her pieces. 
With founder, creator, and designer, Anitanja

With Kathleen Mulhern, Chief Marketing Officer & Partner 


THE SEA FAN COLLECTION (MY FAVORITE!): This collection is inspired by the sea fan coral found in St. Lucia. It's a recreation of the original coral; Anitanja describes it as a filigree like texture, she accurately and amazingly depicted this description into the collection in gold and silver, as shown below. 
THE PITON COLLECTION: This collection is inspired by St. Lucia's twin volcanic peaks, which is said to be one of the most spiritual and tranquil parts of the island, as well as the most photographed landmark on the island itself! The pieces within this collection are comprised of sterling silver and onyx stone. Upon admiring the pieces, one can easily grasp the inspiration taken from the volcanoes, beautifully depicted in each piece. 
THE MEDALLION COLLECTION: This line draws its inspiration from the sea fan coral in the Caribbean Sea. Anitanja maintains the natural element and inspiration from the coral, while creating various geometric designs to give each piece a more structured and modern feel. She describes this line as her most versatile, as it can be worn as one single piece, or collectively for a more glamorous look. 

THE COCOA COLLECTION: This collection is inspired by the cocoa as a whole, as an open pod, depicting the cocoa beans spilling out freshwater pearls, as well as an interior cross section of the coca pod. 
I had such a wonderful time viewing and sampling all of the fine and unique pieces by Anitanja. I received a piece from the Sea Fan Collection, the necklace shown above, which I'm so excited to wear and style for you all. Perhaps providing you with some examples on how you could possibly wear it, if it's a piece you're interested in! 
*Please note that I wasn't able to photograph every collection and piece, for more photos and details, please visit www.anitanja.com!
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

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