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I was presented with the opportunity to try out and review a product, which I found very interesting, Eye Majic. Now I've been asked to review other products on my blog, but have turned down many, if not most of those offers because I didn't feel that they would be beneficial for all of you. What intrigued me about this product was it's claim to provide an instant eye shadow look in 10 seconds. I figured it would be worth trying out since us women are always on-the-go, regardless of age. We tend to be actively and wholeheartedly involved in and with whatever we do and sometimes, we're at a crunch for time when getting ready in the mornings. Can you imagine how much time would be saved by having your eye shadow done in 10 seconds? Well, let's continue on with some brief background info about Eye Majic and then we'll get into what I thought and whether or not I'd suggest you give it a try yourselves. 



Eye Majic is a brand produced by the Majic Beauty company, providing a variety of instantaneous eye products, such as eye shadows, eye liner, and mascara. In addition, they also produce instant lip products, specifically lip liner and lip gloss, which is included in their "Beautiful Eyes & Lips Majic Kit." A part from the Majic Kit bundle, you can purchase an array of eye shadow combinations individually; each box contains two sets of shadows. There are three types of eye shadow finishes you can choose from, depending on your personal preference, matte, leopard, or pearl. Both the matte and pearl finishes have 10 color options to choose from, which you can select based on what brings out your eye color best or the colors you like to wear most; the leopard finish has six options to choose from. 


Eye Majic claims that you will receive an instant eye shadow look in 10 seconds. Each set or strip contains a lid, crease, and highlight color which is applied directly on the eye lid using the applicator that the eye shadows are infixed upon. No eye shadow primer is necessary and you can use an eyeliner and mascara of your choice to finish of your look. The eye shadows are created to last all day on the lid, subtable for every eye shape, without creasing and another eye shadow set can be applied on top of a previous set, providing the opportunity to easily transition your eye shadow look for various occasions. 



The way to apply the Eye Majic shadow is to place the applicator directly onto your eye lid, while raising your eyebrow slightly, to provide for a complete application. The instructions state to hold the applicator on your eye with both hands for a total of 4 seconds, on each eye, then gently swipe the applicator across your brow, lifting it off as you approach your brow tail. If the shadows don't appear to be blended the way you like, you can use the edge of the applicator or a blending brush to gently blend out the look to fit your satisfaction. 



I personally really like this product! I feel that it does most of what it claims to do and is fast and efficient, something we all can appreciate, whether you're a mom on-the-go, a high school or college student, or just having one of those last minute in a rush mornings. Once I placed the eye shadow on my lids (I didn't use an eye primer or base), I was a little shocked of how intense the highlight color was, but I was able to easily tone it down by blending it out with my blending brush. I topped off the look with eye liner and mascara and wore the look for 8 hours. I wanted to wear the shadows for the amount of time that most of you would be wearing it, in order to let you know what you could expect throughout the day. I didn't notice any creasing and the pigmentation was still pretty good. The only thing I noticed was that the shadows all kind of blended, so it appeared, by the end of the 8 hours, that I only had one single color on my eyes, instead of three. 

Since they claim that you can add another Eye Majic set on top of one already on the eyes, I added the leopard printed set and it was okay. I was only able to notice the spots in the leopard print, not so much the base color, but I believe that's because I selected a base color that was fairly similar to the eye shadow combination as the first set. I don't necessarily mind this, for this particular set, because I think it looks more wearable when the spots are subtle, yet noticeable. I don't know how it would look using another color combination; the third color set I was sent was a natural matte eye shadow look and I didn't know if the look I was wearing was too shimmery and dark to try under. I also noticed that after applying the shadows, there was plenty of shadow still left on the applicator, so I'd suggest re-using it, as long as the shadows are still highly pigmented on the applicator. 

So, I would absolutely suggest you guys try this product out. I think it takes the guess work out of trying to figure out which colors would look best on your eyes or which color combinations would look best together. Plus, now that school is right around the corner, I think this would be a great option for those of you who wear makeup to school. I remember having to get up super early, having gone to bed super late, and getting ready in a short amount of time, often times because I kept hitting my alarm clock ;) When getting ready today, I was able to finish my makeup in a total of about 10 minutes! If you want to give these products a try, you can visit Eye Majic's website or at Target online (here) or at Walmart online (here). The pricing is about the same on all three websites, when including shipping and handling. 








The eye shadows sets I wore are Silver Lining shade one and Foxy Lady shade 2


Let me know if you guys give Eye Majic a try, I'd love to hear about your thoughts and experience!


DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me by Eye Majic to try and review. All thoughts and opinions stated in this post are an honest reflection of how I feel about the product. 


A huge thank you to Eye Majic for sending me these products to review! 



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