BOMBER JACKET: Marshalls// JEANS: New York & Company (HERE)// PURSE: Errelleventidue (HERE)// SHOES: Steve Madden// NECKLACE: New York & Company


Hey Girls,

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Today's look is a fun and interesting one, since we have the mix of colors and patterns, but in a way that's more subtle. If you remember a few weeks ago, I recorded a video, How to Pattern Mix Like a Pro, in which I explained some of the methods you see demonstrated in this pairing. First, you'll notice that I selected my upper body to feature the largest and most vibrant print and the shoes to feature the smallest and darkest. The location or placement of the size of the print will vary depending on your body shape and where you want the pattern to stand out most. For me, since I'm a pear shape, I want the volume to be placed up top, to balance out my hips, which is why I opted for this bomber. 

Another strategy you'll notice that I mentioned in the video, was the colors used for both patterns. I mentioned in the video that if you're not certain if a print goes together, select patterns that feature the same or similar color scheme, to create a nice blended look. That's exactly what I did here. Both pieces have blue, white, and a deep red, which creates a cohesive and blended look, one that doesn't clash. 

Below is a very similar look I created, regardless of your body shape. Although I mentioned above that the location or placement of the prints will vary depending on your body shape, if you happen to like this very look, I'm giving you an idea how you can still pull it off, regardless of your shape or silhouette. Remember, in fashion, there are generally exceptions to the "rules", it's just a matter of selecting pieces that can help bring the look together in a way that's flattering to successfully pull it off!


If you have larger hips, i.e. a pear or hourglass shape, you can wear the look as I'm wearing it above with a dark wash skinny jean. Although the leg is slim and can make the hips appear wider, the fact that it's in a dark wash with minimal fading will help counteract that. However, there is another style that would work and that's a flared leg in a dark wash. 

If you have a larger bust or midsection, such as an apple or inverted triangle shape, a light wash bootcut with a substantial amount of fading, will help in preventing the bust or midsection from appearing larger, due to the volume of the bomber and print. The width of the bootcut will help balance out the width up top and the lighter denim will help add some visual weight to your lower body, since white and lighter colors help reflect light.


I hope this post inspired you to play around with some paisley and polka dotted pieces you may have in your wardrobe!


PS: The 7 for all mankind jeans seen in the set I created above can be found at an outlet store or search your local Marshalls, Tjmaxx, or Burlington Coat Factory for a much more cheaper price! 



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