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I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend thus far! After talking with my husband last night about some suggestions he has on what a man would like for the holidays, he gave me some real great insight as to what men really want, which may even include him, lol! One would think that men are easy to shop for and less difficult than women, but I actually think it's the other way around! Since they tend to communicate less, which has been statistically proven, it can sometimes be challenging to get inside their head to know what it is they really want. They often mask their deepest wishes by saying, as long as you and the kids (if you have any) are happy, that's all that matters and while that's really sweet, we want to score big by getting them something really special and one they'll be sure to use.

With Eddie's tips, we came up with six guaranteed man approved gifts for the man in your life, either your husband, dad, grandfather, brother, or uncle. Take a look at the list below:




1. Burberry Touch for Men- Eddie shared that this cologne is the most talked about among men. All the men he knows, rave about this scent; so we guess that yours will, too! I mean, what man doesn't like to smell good?! Regardless if he's a "man's, man", like my dad, one who's always breaking things to fix them or one who's more white collar, the scent is universal in that regard.  


2. Nordstrom Classic Fit Supima Cotton T-Shirt- This is a guaranteed essential for every man in your life, so when you're really just not sure what to get, this is your safest bet for sure! Just make sure that you find out how the man in your life likes his undershirts to fit, some like them really snug, while others like them to fit a little loose. Also, make sure that you find out whether he likes a crew neck (circular neck) or a v-neck. Eddie prefers v-necks, so I dare not buy crew or else I get the, "oh, that's nice." A clue for that was nice hun, but not really what I like and back to the store we go! This particular shirt from Nordstrom has extraordinary reviews from men, which really helps in having that extra assurance!


3. Philips Norelco Shaver 3100My husband always stresses the importance of having a great high quality shaver for the closest and smoothest shave possible. Just like us ladies swear by the Clarisonic, for a nice clean feeling after removing our makeup, they too have the desire to have a nice clean and soft feeling after shaving. Plus, a good quality shaver helps in preventing shaver pumps and ingrown hairs. Regardless if your man loves a long beard, a subtle go t, or an absolute hair free face, he will love and appreciate this great quality shaver! 


4. Tie- This may seem like a standard gift for a man, but the truth is that a tie will always come in handy! If your man works in an environment that requires the use of a tie, then this must definitely be on your check list. Now that fashion blogging has become such a huge influence in every day fashion inspiration and wear, there has been the establishment and proven influence of male fashion bloggers and how their dapper outfits and pairings have helped our men get out of their work wear rut. Within the past few months, Eddie has been really getting into fashion and has been putting a lot more thought and effort into his suit pairings for work. He's always on the hunt for a great and unique pocket square and tie. The reason these two have become so popular in making a fashion statement, is that if a man doesn't necessarily have a lot of suits, but has a lot of ties and pocket squares, which are much more affordable, it can make it appear as though he has many suits, since he can switch up his look with the mix and match combo of both or just the tie. There are also men that don't work in an environment that requires the use of a tie, but they still prefer to wear them with sweater vests and cardigans for a preppy look. So, regardless of the style of the man your shopping for, a tie is great option! 


5. Beats by Dre HD Headphones- We've all heard the hype and rave surrounding the Beats by Dre headphones and how they really do help in enhancing one's music experience, which is why this is one of our suggestions. There is nothing like escaping the reality and current surroundings of the hustle and bustle, then relaxing to a great song OR enhancing one's workout with a great tune; trust me, when I work out and forget my earphones, it's like my workout is completely ruined before it has even begun (I'm sure many of you can attest to this!). They come in an array of different colors, I simply selected black since it's basic, but if you know your man's favorite color, by all means select that color. However, if you don't know, just get black. The last thing you want to do is purchase a pair of headphones in a color that he doesn't like, which of course will make him not want to wear them. 


6. Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible BeltThis gift is definitely a splurge, but it's one that he's sure to use and wear for many years to come! My husband actually has this belt and wears it practically everyday. What he loves about it is that it's reversible, so he can easily switch from black or brown, depending on which color goes best with his look. For men, this is probably one of the most worn accessories, which is why we suggest it. It can be worn with a suit, jeans, or with dressy pants and sweater for a more business casual feel, it's versatility and style is endless and timeless. Plus, you can select the metal color of the buckle, either gold or silver, depending on his preference or skin-tone. 


I hope you all found this post helpful in coming up with gift ideas for that special man in your life. I know it can certainly be a challenge, but hopefully this will help take the stress out of selecting the perfect gift(s)!

I will continue to post gift guides and ideas throughout the remainder of the holiday season, so do continue to check back, specifically the 'SHOP section of the blog!



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