Hey Babes!

One of the recurring trends for this upcoming fall season is plaid. I don't really like to refer to it as a trend, since to me it's a timeless print, as is animal. However, it's referred to one because we've seen plenty of it on the runways. What I love about it is that it's a very universal print. You see, it can be worn on practically everyone, regardless of their personal style and age. It can also be dressed up or down, making it a great transitional piece from day-to-night. 

Since school is right around the corner, I decided to put these three looks together via Polyvore (follow me here) for some style inspiration for the first day or first few days of back to school. I have a nice mixture of followers who are students and those who aren't, so I also wanted to create these looks showcasing how they can be worn to school or for just hanging on the weekend, or if you work in a casual work environment where a tee and jeans are welcomed! 



As you can see, I created three distinct looks. The first is more of a casual look with a touch of edginess, due in part to the color combo of the plaid and the addition of the distressed denim jacket. What keeps the casual vibe going is the tee shirt and converse added to the mix. For look #2, this is for all you preppy gals. I love a plaid shirt and jeans, especially when the blue (if there is any in the plaid you're working with) is in the same pantone as the jeans. This shirt features a lighter combination of blues which works well with the medium wash jeans. I'd also love this look if there were a dark blue color in the shirt paired with dark blue jeans, as well. What truly adds that finishing preppy touch is the boat shoes, if added. But, if you opt for motto boots, as shown, you can transform the look slightly, creating a more country feel. Lastly, we have our third look, which screams edgy! We have the intense combination of dark blue, cobalt, and black. The black sneaker wedges with silver hardware and straps adds attitude, as does the waist-belt. 

Who knew that plaid could be so versatile?! So whether you're heading back to class or just hanging with friends, regardless of age, you have some examples of how to mix and match plaid to create a style that's unique to you!



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