Hey Guys!

I bet you're a little confused as to why you're seeing an outfit inspiration post instead of a video! I wanted to change things up a bit and post a video on a different day of the week and see how you guys respond/like it. If you guys prefer Mondays, let me know, and I'll go back to uploading on Mondays. 

For today's look, I wanted to go for something different, fashionable, and just funky. Every now and then I'll create a look that's completely different than what I'd typically wear to keep things interesting and inspiring. Plus, I like to challenge myself by coming out of my box and experiment with different looks and ideas. In this look, I mixed two patterns, houndstooth and plaid. I feel the way to pull of a mixed pattern look is to choose one print to be the largest and the other to be smaller and subtle. Wearing a look with mixed patterns in which both are the same size could appear overwhelming and can either make you appear too big or small, regardless of your natural frame and size. As you can see, I chose the houndstooth to stand out against the plaid, since it's larger. However, I kept within the same color scheme as the plaid blazer, which has grey, terracotta, and black; this created a more cohesive blend as well. 

My suggestion in choosing where to place the largest print would be to place it where you would want the eye to focus and gravitate towards, which of course would depend on your body shape and confidence. For example, if you are an apple shape, I wouldn't suggest wearing a large printed top, rather one with smaller prints and chose your bottom to be the piece with the largest print. This will prevent the eye from creating a larger midsection, which you of course don't want. 




SHORTS: Lucky Brand

SCARF: c/o of AMI Clubwear

BOOTS: Nine West's Edytheo 

SUNNIES: Salvatore Ferragamo (outlet store)



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