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This week's date night was very different, since we were celebrating my step-daughter's birthday, so I wouldn't consider this post a date night post, more like a night out :) She loves Japanese food, especially Hibachi style, so we took her to a local spot and the food was delicious. 


APPETIZER: Shrimp Tampura

ENTRÉE: 3 meat combo: steak, chicken, and shrimp (we all had the same thing)

DESSERT: Fried Ice-Cream


I felt like wearing something printed, so I opted for my cheetah blazer and this time around, I decided to belt it, since it lacks a natural shape that doesn't do much for my figure. When it comes to blazers that don't have a curved shape, yet you really like it, know that you can still get it and belt it to create that shape you're going for. Underneath, I wore a tank that I've worn here in the summer because I liked how it had the opposite color pattern effect; a black base and light brown spots, mimicking the cheetah print in reverse, but in a subtle way. For the rest of the pairing, I personally love mixing animal prints with various colors, to add even more interest and uniqueness to my looks. In this case, I paired it with a pair of teal jeggings and I love the way they looked together. In fact, I love the way brown compliments teal in general, it gives off a very earthy and soulful vibe. 



BLAZER: Nordstrom Rack 

TANK: Marshall's


SHOES: Nine West 


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