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Happy Monday, Loves!

I hope you're all having an amazing start to the week thus far! Today's post is a recap from Saturday's date night with Eddie. Lately, we haven't been planning our dates in advance as we sometimes try to do; it seems to catch us off guard as the week flies by! What has been saving us a lot from not knowing where to dine is Groupon, which I mentioned on Facebook Saturday night. We use their deals 85% of the time and have found such great restaurants using their service. It's not only a great way to discover new restaurants, but they also provide a great method of saving on your meals. 

Sometimes, dining out can become a bit pricy and instead of canceling a night out for a while, you can still do so at some of the most renowned restaurants around your neck of the woods for a huge discount off your bill. Many times a reservation is required ahead of time, which I'd suggest you do using Open Table. That way you're saving big on dining out at a great restaurant, but you can also earn points and credit to your bill the next time you dine out, through Open Table. You guys know me by now and know that I love saving big on anything and everything, which of course includes food! 

Anyway, now that I've explained how we've been able to dine out so much (in case you were wondering), I want to explain our experience at the restaurant we chose this week, Fig & Olive. They have, I believe, seven locations; we decided to give the one in Westchester at try again. We did dine there before about three years ago and had a horrible experience. Lately, whenever we're around town and pass by the restaurant, we've been seeing a lot of people in high spirits and appear as though they were pleased with their dishes, so we decided to give it another shot. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time! The service was wonderful and the food was absolutely delicious. 

Fig & Olive is a restaurant that has a uniqueness, mainly because of the 30 different extra virgin olive oils they feature within their dishes and those they sell. The oils vary in flavors, ranging from fruity, buttery, and peppery in taste. Upon being seated, you are given 3 different olive oils to try with a side of bread, all of which are complimentary starters. I believe the tasting varies in the selection provided from time to time, although I'm not certain. I personally loved the oil that had more of a peppery taste, second would be one with more of a buttery flavor, which compliments bread perfectly, right?

As for the appetizers, which were crostinis, they were out of this world! Eddie and I actually discussed returning just to have another assortment on a day we don't want something too filling. They were the perfect size and had a complete topping. I personally don't like when I dine at a restaurant and we order crostinis or bruschettas and there's hardly anything on them. Plus, the bread was toasted perfectly, not too hard, yet not too soft. Another thing I don't appreciate is when I then attempt to eat these small bites and feel as though my tooth will be an additional topping, lol! 

We ordered 2 of each of the following toppings: avocado, walnut, and shrimp

For our entrées, we were just as pleased, if not more. Eddie enjoyed his lobster risotto, while I relished in my paella. Do you guys remember a few weeks ago when we ate the Kittery in Brooklyn (Park Slope) and I mentioned that we were scavenging throughout the lobster mac & cheese we ordered, since there wasn't enough lobster in the lobster mac & cheese, yet we paid that lobster price! In this dish, Eddie had no problem finding and tasting his lobster, as you can see, there were quite a few hefty chunks!

As for mine, oh boy, where do I start?! First off, the portion was just right for paella. Some places either give you too much or not enough and sometimes all you really get is just rice! Serving it in this small paellera was quite the finishing touch. It looked and felt as though I were eating paella and it sure did taste like it. It was the perfect blend of chicken and sea food, not one overpowered the other, truly a remarkable blend of flavor and meats and I would most certainly order this again and suggest it to those who happen to be considering Fig & Olive.

Lastly, for dessert, Eddie and I shared an apple tart, which was, of course, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Sadly for me, I wasn't able to revel in the traditional mixture of apples and vanilla ice-cream because we believe that in addition to the harsh winter we experienced here in the Northeast, dairy has been also contributing to my acne outbreak. So as a preventative and tentative method, I decided to sidestep it for a few weeks to see if it makes a substantial difference (I actually have seen a noticeable difference within this past week of avoiding it!).


I had been wanting to wear this black jumper for the past few weeks, but felt as though the scenery and vibe of our date nights wouldn't permit for it. Finally, I decided this past Saturday would be the perfect night and indeed it was. What I love about jumpsuits is that every woman can rock one. To enhance one's shape and confidence in one, I'd of course suggest selecting one that is most flattering for your shape. 

I've mentioned how tube style jumpers are perfect for a pear shape because they help provide some visual width across the chest, which is generally narrow for those who have this shape. It helps visually widen out the area, thus balancing out the width in the lower area. I wouldn't necessarily suggest this style for those of you who naturally have wider upper bodies and narrow bottoms because it'll exaggerate it, making you appear that much more wider, these shapes would include the rectangular, apple, and inverted triangle shapes.

I would suggest styles that have a complete top that also feature a v-neckline to visually lengthen and narrow, instead of widen (click here for a visual). When it comes to you hourglass shapes, you can wear any style that you feel most comfortable in, so mix & match and embrace the fact that you can do this! Does this make the other shapes any less than the hourglass? Absolutely not!

To continue on with the explanation of my look, I decided to wear my Tory Burch cheetah printed flats because I wanted to go for a classy and chic look, instead of one that would've been more sexy, had I paired it with heels. Plus, for some reason, I feel that tube style jumpers look best with flats or wedges, but that's my opinion, not to say I'd never or have never worn one this style with heels, I have :)

So what do you think of the look? I hope you like it and that it gave you some ideas on wearing one yourself. Feel free to share what you did this past weekend, too! 



JUMPER: BluHeaven (Marshall's)

NECKLACE: Annie & Sez

BRACELET: Little Switzerland in Aruba

CLUTCH: Michael Kors (Marshall's)

FLATS: Tory Burch's cheetah coconut/gold shoe (outlet store)



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