Top: c/o RD Style (similar style on sale here) | Skirt: H&M (similar style here) | Bracelet: c/o Kendra Scott (similar style here) | Clutch: Michael kors {Marshalls} (similar style on sale here) | Shoes: Nine West {Marshalls} (similar style here)


Hey Beautiful!

To close out the work week, I felt it would be perfect to wear a little fringe number. I purchased this skirt a few months back at H&M and I've been so eager to wear it; it will definitely be one of my summer statement pieces you'll be seeing more of! I wanted to create a look that would be perfect for a night out, so I opted for this leopard printed top with leather sleeves. The leather on the sleeves tied in well with the leather skirt and I added a fringe bracelet to mimic the effect of the skirt's fringe.

I personally feel that anyone can wear a fringe skirt, it all depends on the kind of top you decide to pair it with. If your goal is to conceal a larger mid-section, I would suggest opting for a wrap detail on the bust area, it creates the illusion of a smaller bust and midsection ;) Below is an example of what I'd suggest for those of you who wish to create this effect.

1. Boohoo (on sale here) | 2. Michael Kors (on sale here) | 3. Asos (here) | 4. Forever 21 (here) | 5. Thalia (here)

What did you think of both looks? I hope you felt inspired and thanks so much for stopping by!



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Tank: Cynthia Rowley {Marshalls- similar style here) | Skirt: Darling {c/o of RedLight PR- similar style here} | Knuckle ring {Kendra Scott c/o Reward Style- here) Clutch {old- similar style here} | Shoes: Fergie {old- similar style here}

Hey Everyone! 

Today's look is one the consists of all nude, with a small pop of green. I love this skirt, it's so feminine and perfect for this time of year, since it's not heavy, although it does kind of look like it is; I feel pleated dresses or skirts make the pieces look heavier, I don't know, maybe it's just me. I decided to pair it with a nude tank and shoes to create the monochromed look I was going for. What's so funny is that after I got dressed and headed out the door, I thought to pair it with a different top, but by then it was too late for me to go back and change. I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to, lol!  

Longer skirts (mid thigh-maxi style) that have pleats look great on bottom curvy women, such as the pear and hourglass shapes, as they can help to narrow out the hips, if that's what's desired. For the apple and rectangular shapes, I would suggest a shorter version because I feel that shorter skirts with pleating adds some width to the hip area, again, if you'd like to create that effect. For that reason, I personally stay clear of those styles because I love my hips the way there are and don't want to make them appear any larger; it just makes my top section look oddly small. 

Here's a style I'd suggest for either the apple or rectangular shapes, which can be found here

What do you think of an all nude look for spring/summer? When it comes to shoes, if you haven't watched my video on selecting the perfect nude shoe for your skin-tone, I suggest you watch it (here), I'm sure you'll learn something knew and beneficial; thank you in advance for watching and for stopping by the blog! 



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Top: H&M (similar style here) | Skirt: Blu Pepper (here) | Shoes: Nine West (similar pair here)

Happy Hump Day!

Today's outfit features a gorgeous skirt I purchased while away in Florida. Just like a little kid, I couldn't wait to wear it! I have so many different ways I plan on styling it, so keep an eye out for future posts! In the meantime, the first look I thought to put together features another embellished piece. At first I thought it would be too much going on, but after seeing the two together, I felt they were the perfect match. The stones in the skirt were the exact color in the shirt and the embellishments on the shirt were only on the neckline area, so it wasn't overwhelming. Since the skirt features horizontal stripes, it was important for me to help create some dimension and interest on the top, which the shirt did. It helped balance out my bottom curves perfectly. If you don't have any lower curves, this skirt would be perfect because the horizontal stripes causes the eye to go across the hips, making them appear wider ;)

What do you think of the look? I hope it inspires you!




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 Hey Girlies,

Will you be attending a special occasion? Or how about an interview? Whether you'll be attending both or just want to create a clean and polished wardrobe, these 7 tips are sure to help you create a luxurious outfit every time, without breaking the bank. Let's get started with the most important tip, which I'm sure you expected from me :)


A very easy way to make any outfit you ever wear look more expensive is to purchase clothing that will flatter your body shape. We've all made the mistake of wearing something that didn't necessarily make us feel our best, which resulted in us getting rid of that poorly fitted item. Save yourself the money and frustration by selecting pieces that will work with your body not against it! If you're not sure what body shape you have, watch my video on determining it (here)! 


You may have noticed that your Forever 21 pieces look nice, but don't necessarily fit as well as your investment pieces. That's because fast fashion stores, such as Forever 21, are made with cheaper materials, which often make lumps and bumps that much more noticeable. This is super easy to fix by wearing a well fitting bra and shape wear, such as SPANX (if needed), underneath to smooth out areas that are a bit uneven. Many of us are wearing the wrong bra size (over 85% of us), which often results in the creation of lumps on the sides and back, which can make our clothing appear as though it's too tight and not well fitting. Are you wearing the right size bra?! Find out in my video on determining your bra size (here).


Mixing high priced items with low are quite common and I definitely suggest you do this. Your entire outfit doesn't have to be designer, but you should have at least a pair of investment shoes and a purse, since those are generally our most worn items. Both of these pieces will create the appearance of a more refined look. Not sure what else would be classified as an investment piece? Watch my video on 8 essential pieces I suggest you splurge on (here)! 


Have you ever noticed that anything in white, beige, navy, or black looks more expensive? Those colors have a more luxurious feel to them because they exude sophistication and class. You of course don't have to break the bank on a top or skirt, a Forever 21 or H&M piece in any of those colors that are also well fitting will do the trick!


Many of us love to have fun with our outfits by incorporating vibrant colors and patterns, you know I'm all for it! But if your goal is to create the appearance of an expensive outfit, less is best. Keep the look simple by wearing an outfit that features neutrals and that are well fitting, with just the simplest of jewelry, such as a white button down shirt and navy trousers, paired with a low-key necklace. 


Nothing looks more rushed than wearing a top that's super wrinkled. It creates the impression that you didn't put much thought into your outfit and perhaps even grabbed something out of your dirty hamper; let's not lie, we've all done that at some point, but we certainly don't want it to look as though we did! Take the time to steam your wrinkled pieces. I know it takes time, perhaps you want to do it the night before, so you won't have to rush in the morning. Your outfit will look crisp, clean, and polished, which always look expensive!


Sometimes the top itself looks great, but the buttons can ruin it by making it look cheap and flimsy. That doesn't mean you still can't purchase or wear it! It's super easy and cheap to have the buttons replaced and it can instantly make your item look that much more costly!

What did you think of the post? I hope you found it helpful! Just know that you don't have to break the bank to look as though you did ;)



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1. Boohoo (here) | 2. Boohoo (here) | 3. TopShop (here) | 4. TopShop (here) | 5. Boohoo ( on sale here) | 6. Boohoo (on sale here)

Hello Loves,

I hope you're all having an amazing start to your week! I'm back from Florida and New York has given me a warm welcome home with some amazing weather, so I can't complain, as the transition was easy. Anyway, I receive a lot of feedback, mainly on my videos, from ladies that have wider hips and feel that some of the suggestions for bottoms I make can't apply to them. If you're one of those who've left a comment like, "great tips, but won't work for me..." then you'll most likely remember me telling you that one strategy to help balance out the shoulders and upper body with your wider hips are wide necked tops, like a boatneck for example. I felt it would be a great idea to post some of my top picks that I'm loving this season to help your shopping experience that much easier! Feel free to let me know if there are any other examples you'd like for me to provide in a post. In the meantime, I hope you like my selection! 

PS: These tops will not make your hips disappear, they will help add to and enhance your natural curves ;)

Thanks for stopping by!



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