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I'm thinking about starting a segment for Wednesdays entitled Working Women Wednesdays (W3). Every Wednesday, I would post some fashion and style ideas for todays working woman. There are many jobs out there that do not require a specific dress code, while others have mandatory uniforms. These two opposites of the spectrum guidelines can leave one a little uncertain of what to wear to work. I want to help you with thinking creatively and having fun with getting ready for work in the morning.

Todays post will be on every working woman's wardrobe essentials. These are key items that are a must and will help you build your work wardrobe moving forward.


1. Black Pants

Photo courtesy of New York and Company


Black pants are a must for obvious reasons, they're extremely versatile and go with anything and almost every job position permits for the use of black pants. My personal favorites are these Crosby Street City Double Stretch Slim Leg Pant (long name, phew!) by New York and Company. I have them in the color Blue Explosion and I absolutely love them! In fact, they were featured in my Outfit Maker: How to Style a Tux Blouse video. They are super comfortable and look great with heels or flats. The skinny fit adds some sleekness to any outfit and can tie an entire look together, by making it appear very polished. 


2. Pencil Skirt

Photo Courtesy of Express


A pencil skirt is just as versatile as a pair of black pants. I suggest going for neutral colors before you begin purchasing bold vibrant colors first, such as black, navy blue, grey, or tan. I love Express' pencil skirts because they are extremely comfortable, since the majority of them are stretch, which is absolutely necessary when you're a busy woman throughout the day, you want to be comfortable, while looking good too! 


When styling a pencil skirt, keep in mind that you don't want to go too tight or too lose on top, which will depend on you body type. For example, if you are apple shaped, you don't want to go with a top that is very form fitting because it will show a bit too much! I love to pair my pencil skirts with cardigans and a thin waste belt to add some texture and interest to the outfit. 


3. Cardigans



Cardigans are a good way to layer for cold and transition months and come in handy when the air conditioner is blasting in the office! 

 The cardigan has come a long was since Mr.Rodgers, with a variety of details and textures. I love wearing cardigans with rhinestone buttons because it can replace an accessory when I'm in a rush in the morning and forget to put on a pair of earrings (we've all been there). In this case the saying is true, "it's all in the small details."


4. White Button Up

A white cotton button up is a key piece to any working woman's wardrobe. It can be worn under dresses, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, you name it! It can help transform or revamp your current wardrobe by adding it to pieces that you typically wouldn't, like a sweater dress. Once you have a white button up, then you're free to experiment with other colors and patterns. 


5. A Pair of Black Pumps


Photo Courtesy of Nine West


A pair of black pumps go with any outfit and you can also dress them down on those "dress down" days at work, by pairing them with a pair of skinny medium-dark wash jeans, a white button up blouse, and a blazer. I personally love Nine West's pumps, they are extremely comfortable, and these pair featured here, the Caress pump, only has a 3 1/2" heel, for those who are not quite comfortable walking in super high and skinny heels or those who are on their feet all day. If however you prefer not to wear or can't wear heels to work, a pair of black flats are just as good!


I hope all you wonderful working women are having a fabulous Wednesday!





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