BLAZER: H&M// TUNIC: Marshalls// JEGGINGS: Express// BOOTS: Michael Kors (Marshalls)// PURSE: Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM

(In the scroll bar, the pants are showing up white, but they have the teal color, too!)


Hello Ladies,

Today's look is a very seasonal color pairing, in that I selected colors that are found perfectly blended in nature during this time of year. I say nature is the best place to derive our inspiration, since everything that encompasses it compliments each other as though they were intricately placed and seasoned at the same exact time. So if they look perfect in the sky and around us, why wouldn't they look perfect on us?! 

What I love about this color combination is that it can be used both in the summer and fall. They're perfect in the summer because teal is a color reflective of the gorgeous sea waters and the brown and gold accents are seen in trees, sand, and rocks around the shore. In fall, the browns are seen in the trees and leaves that are changing and the teal can be used to represent the leaves that don't change at all. 


There are quite a few things that you can play around with, with an outfit like this. First, if you so choose, you can remove the blazer. This will create a lengthening effect to the upper half of the body, extending from the calf area (since we have boots) up to the face. In this case, we'd be using the monochrome technique to visual extend the length of the torso, perfect for those of you who may have a naturally shorter torso and longer legs! The reason why the torso would be the area that is mainly enhanced is because we're working with boots that are practically at the knee and are in a noticeably different color, which creates contrast:

The second option would be if you have a long torso, you may want to do what I did and that's wear a blazer over your top, to further enhance the sections of your body visually. You may also want to opt for boots that are not as high as the one's I'm wearing, since this cuts off some visual inches from the legs; in this case, ankle boots may be best:



Third, if you are fairly proportional in that one area of your body is not longer than the other, you can remove the blazer and just have the boots as the piece that breaks up the monochrome a bit. However, if you are petite and wish to appear visually taller overall, I'd suggest that you maintain the monochrome on top and bottom, don't add a different color blazer, and opt for ankle boots instead, since they cut off less of the leg visually:



Now, this look is perfect as is for all my pear, rectangular, and hourglass shaped ladies, despite the printed bottoms. The reason is because we're wearing a cowl neck, which balances out any attention that is being placed on the bottom half of our bodies, as a result of the print. A cowl neck adds visual dimension to the bust, making it appear larger, an instant fix for those of us with smaller busts and larger hips! This look is suitable for my rectangular shapes because our upper and lower portions are being distinguished and broken up into sections, due to the addition of the brown blazer and boots. This is ideal for the rectangular shape because she would otherwise appear straight up and down, lacking any curve or shape. The only thing I would alter for my apple shapes is the neckline of the top. Cowl necks are not the best choice for this shape, since those who fall into this category naturally have larger busts, wider chests, backs, and midsections, regardless of size; the use of a cowl neck would only exaggerate this making one appear even larger. Instead, opt for a v-neck, since they visually narrow the trunk of the body, because the neckline moves downward instead of across. Other than the that, this too would be a great look for all my apple shapes:



When it comes to skin tone, caramel, cognac, or camel colors, which I'm wearing on top and bottom, tend to compliment those with warm or neutral skin tones best. If you fall into those skin tone categories and wish to recreate this look and don't have the colors mentioned, a terracotta or burnt orange would work just as well! For all my cool skin tones, I'd suggest a chocolate brown, since your natural undertones are deep (blue), so deep and rich colors look amazing on you!


Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you found the post helpful!



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