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If you've been following my blog for some time, you know that I attend Red Light PR's bi-annual press preview event every year. Each time, I share some new brands that I discovered and love at the event, as well as some favorites from brands that I know and love. In today's post, I'll only be sharing the brands that are new to me and some of the pieces in their collection that I really liked. Let's start off with one who's name doesn't need much of an introduction, as I'm sure you're very familiar with this diva, Tamar Braxton. 


We know her as over the top in every way possible, the definition of a diva for sure! One thing I love and I'm sure many of you would agree, is her style. With her own very affordable fashion line, we can all feel a little like a diva in our every day life ;) One of my absolute favs from the collection is the white leather motto pants (found here), which are made of vegan leather. I've been really gravitating to vegan leather a lot lately, so I was so delighted to learn that those are as well! What's even better is that her sizing runs from size 2-16 or small-extra large, allowing women of all shapes and sizes to look and feel fabulous, something I truly appreciate! 






Chic, feminine, and sophisticated sums up my thoughts regarding this Parisian based brand. Named after the founder's grandmother, the underlying theme of the brand, is to bring the Parisian 1920s woman back into modern times. Combining feminine patterns, prints, and silhouettes in a way that's more relatable, yet maintains the class and lady-like feel of the era. Wearing Molly Bracken will have the young, modern fashionista, who's quest is to always look chic and put-together, feeling merveilleux!




Ever struggled with the thought of coming up with the perfect gift for the special ladies in your life? I'm pretty sure we all have! When I think of the perfect gift, when in doubt, it's Jewel Scent. Why? Well, if you follow me on Instagram, then you most likely saw that post I shared a couple of months ago on one of the Jewel Scent's candles. I mentioned that in every candle (as well as soaps and scrubs), there's a hidden treasure inside; a piece of jewelry worth anywhere between $10-$7,500! How awesome is that?! The way it works is that you burn the candle, as you would any other, and once you see a golden foil start to peak through the top, you blow it out and use a pair of tweezers to gently remove the foil, which will contain your hidden treasure. If it's worth more than $100, you'll see a golden token with a ID number and you'd call to request your piece to be shipped out to you. 

I had the opportunity of speaking with Sara Nguyen, co-founder and chief of Jewel Scent, and she explained how this amazing line came about. She shared that she was a stay-at-home mom, caring for her two children, as her husband worked as a jeweler. She had a desire to create something that would be meaningful, unique, and empowering to other women, especially other stay-at-home moms. She thought to combine her love for pretty scents and beauty products and her husband's jewelry profession into one and that's how the concept of having a piece of jewelry inserted into each candle and product was established. As mentioned, she also wanted to empower other women, who seek to be active in their communities and meet new people by providing them with the opportunity to make some extra cash, by earning commissions of each sale. How inspiring is that?!




If Beyoncé is wearing it, it's definitely worth looking into, right?! Well, she's only one of many celebrities that are a fan Bella Dahl. Based in LA, the line has a very relaxed and comfortable vibe and when I say comfortable, I mean extremely comfortable! You see, each Bella Dahl piece is comprised of a unique patented and trademarked fabric, tencera, developed by Bella Dahl. When I touched each piece, it felt as though I was touching cashmere, but there was a notable difference in texture, one that's hard to explain and need to be felt. Tencera is a form of rayon that's wrinkle resistant and is environmentally friendly, made from trees that are managed for sustained harvest. What I also appreciated and admired was that everything is done in house in LA, from the design to coloring, everything is manufactured in LA, pretty awesome! 




If you're into Yoga or fitness, for that matter, you're sure to love the Alo collection. Even though I am not particularly into Yoga, I do workout and remain active 5 times a week and I can certainly appreciate a sustainable and fashionable pair of workout pants. Their selection is pretty awesome and I love their designs, the two I'm holding above is called the "goddess" yoga pant that comes in sold colors as well as a printed contrasted version, which are the two I'm holding. Each season, a new print is introduced for this particular style. The second pair I'm holding is one I'd certainly wear outside of the gym! How amazing do these look?! 


So that concludes the brand section of this post, which I hope you really enjoyed! Be sure to check out each brand to see more of their selections and current collections to wear now! Below are some more detailed photos of the look I wore to the preview :)

SHIRT: David Buffalo Denim (Marshalls) // SKIRT: Local Boutique // NECKLACE: Charming Charlie // SHOES: Guess (Macy's)


Thanks so much for stopping by and I really hope you enjoyed this post! 



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