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Hello beauties!

Yesterday and today have been such rainy and gloomy days, but I'm not going to complain, since we really needed the rain here in the North East. We haven't had rain in my area for a good six weeks! Since I wasn't going to be outside long, in and out in my car pretty much all day, I didn't wear a rain coat. Instead, I broke out my favorite fur vest, which for some reason makes me think of days like this, I guess because of the dark sapphire color. When I would typically wear an otherwise basic outfit, I like to add interesting pieces either with pattern or texture and in this case, I added texture, to help amp things up. It just adds interest to the look and prevents it from looking rather boring. So don't feel pressure to always look glammed up, but you can still look put together by just adding some key pieces. I actually featured this vest in my YouTube video, 5 Essential Pieces All Year 'Round

Do you guys have any go-to pieces that help amp up your otherwise boring looks?! If so, share below. 


Turtle Neck from Marshall's

Jeans from a local boutique 

Rain boots from Annie Sez

Necklace from Express




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