Happy Monday, gorgeous ladies!

How was your weekend?! Mine was pretty fun and exciting. Well, first, let me explain why this is not a date night post, as it would usually be (either Sunday evenings or Mondays). This weekend, Eddie and I headed to Brooklyn to spend some time with my mom and her friends. One of her friends had a block party and we were invited to go, so we did and had a wonderful time. I didn't snap any shots because it was pretty dark outside and the lighting from the lamp poles would not have been the best source, plus, I just wanted to focus on having a good time and fellowship with them. So now that you understand why there isn't a date night post up, let's move on with today's look.

The last time you saw me wear these pants was on the 4th of July (of this year), although the colors aren't so patriotic, lol! I wore them with a solid colored orange tank top, but this time around, I wore them with this flowy purple blouse from BeBe, which I scored on sale about a year ago, if not longer. I love how it fuses so beautifully with the blue and the neon yellow found in the pants. Plus, it adds some volume to the upper body (when tucked in) since I am wearing a printed bottom, which of course brings much, if not all, of the attention downwards. 

You've heard me say many times that there are exceptions to the rules when it comes to styling for one's figure, which is also part of the reason I have this style blog, to embody how those exceptions can be worn for your body shape. It also creates a wide range of methods for all of you to understand and have examples of all the tips I give. Those of you who are more visual may prefer my style of videos that provide visual examples, as well as my blog posts (because of the photos). There are also those of you out there that love to read and retain info better that way; so I like to tend to the needs of everyone (if possible) who follows my work. 

So, since this pairing is more ideal for the pear and rectangular shapes, below is a photo of the outfit I wore the last time, which featured these same pants, styled in a way that would be ideal for all of you apple and inverted triangle shapes. However, I do want to note that if you are an inverted triangle, I'd suggest a tank top with a thicker strap, perhaps one that covers the entire shoulder area, which will visually narrow them out ;) What I love about these style of pants, which are palazzo pants by the way, is that they help create some volume to your otherwise narrow lower body, so I would definitely suggest you purchase some. They also make for great transitional pieces from summer to fall, depending on the color combinations you select (I'm loving these from Charlotte Russe)

Of course you hourglass shapes can pick and choose which look you'd like to wear, just keep in mind that where you choose print and detail, is where the most attention will be placed. 

So what do you think of the pairing? Do you like it? I hope it gave you some pairing ideas, in terms of color combinations, as well as an idea on how to wear those sometimes tricky palazzo pants, which have been all the rave this season!



BLOUSE: BeBe (old)


SANDALS: Mossimo for target (last season)

PURSE: Olivia + Joy (Target)




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