Hello Ladies!

Even though we aren’t in April yet, we’ve been experiencing A LOT of rain around here and I won’t dare complain, considering the amount of snow we had this past winter, rain is definitely better than the snow. Most, if not all, of the snow has melted as a result of the rain and the spurts of warm weather we briefly experienced. I’m also not complaining because I love wearing these neon pink rain boots! They help brighten up my atmosphere and help take away that gloomy depressing feeling that often accompanies a rainy day. I receive so many compliments when I wear these babies, yet surprisingly, at Marshall’s, where I purchased them, there are still a ton left on the clearance rack, regardless of which Marshall’s I visit. I guess it’s one of those items that people are intimidated of at first sight, until they see them on someone else; that happens to me sometimes, too.
I decided to pair the boots with this chunky cardigan you’ve seen me wear before because it helped pull out the coral pink colors blended in the sweater. I really love multicolor pieces because I feel they’re more versatile and universal, in that it gives me more options in color pairings. So definitely try to incorporate some multicolor pieces here and there within your wardrobe to help give some options for school and/or work. 

CARDIGAN: Nordstrom Rack
JEANS: New York & Company
NECKLACE: Charming Charlie
RAIN BOOTS: Coach (Marshall's)

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