Hello my loves!
To continue on with my holiday gift guide, I wanted to share my current perfume faves! If you're like me and love a good, long lasting perfume, then these five are sure to make you happy and smelling good! I have four out of the five, the fifth one I'm waiting to get my hands on, which is the Mark Jacob's Honey, ahem...honey, I hope you're reading this post ;) Here are my thoughts of each and a brief description of the scents:
1. Marc Jacob's Oh, Lola! is the one I wear the most and every time I wear it, someone always asks what I'm wearing. It has a soft flowery scent, which I think is perfect to be worn during the day
2. Marc Jacob's Honey smells sweet and fruity and I feel could be worn both during the day or night.
3. Gucci Guilty for Her is a bold, earthy, and romantic scent, mainly because it contains amber, adding to its intensity. This would be the perfect perfume to wear at night for girl's night out or dinner date (2nd date).
4. J'adore by Dior has a light, flowery scent. Although it's light, it's long lasting and this is also a perfume I get asked about a lot. I would suggest wearing this during the day or on a first date, since the smell isn't too strong. 
5. DKNY My NY is more of a playful scent, having a range and combination of flowers, vanilla, and fruit. I would suggest this to be worn the during the day or for a fun evening with friends.
Once you purchase or receive your perfume(s), it's important to know where and how to apply it, to ensure that you'll get the most out of your scent(s). I have a video which explains that and more, which you can watch HERE!
Thanks so much for stopping by and I trust that you found this post helpful!
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