Hi ladies!

This week's video is on how to shop at off priced stores, such as Marshall's, TjMaxx, and The Burlington Coat Factory. I also provide some background information on these types of stores, to give you guys a better understanding of how the savings process works and if it's similar to that of an outlet store. I try to make these type of videos (body shape series) as informative as I can, instead of just sharing my opinion. I think certain videos are good for sharing opinions, but then there are those that require a bit more explanation, and that's what I sought to do in this video! I also include, as promised, I include my shopping strategy, which makes my shopping experience much smoother and less frustrating. 

As always, I hope that you found it helpful and don't hesitate to make any suggestions to future videos in the comment's section, on either here or under the video on YouTube!


Lots of love,

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