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Hello Ladies!

This week's date night wasn't a success, unfortunately, in that the restaurant we selected was absolutely horrible! We've eaten Thai food in the past and really enjoyed it, but this particular place didn't compare, to say the least. When we first walked in, we greeted by an unpleasant smell of what was reminiscent of smelly feet. Now I know for sure that was not due to the spices used in traditional Thai food, so that set us off pretty fast. We had purchased a Groupon for the dinner, so it came with a salad each, an appetizer to share, and two entrées. The salad, as you can see below, hardly had anything on it, but goes for 5 bucks! The appetizer was a platter of each of their most popular appetizer selections and that was okay. But then the entrée came was honestly the worst dinner I've had in a really long time, so bad that I just ate the peas, 'cus you can't really go wrong with peas. We weren't excited about trying their coffee and dessert, so we walked to a nearby Cold Stone and Starbucks and had that instead. 



MY ENTRÉE: Chicken sautéed in a spicy sauce and sweet peppers

EDDIE'S ENTRÉE: Beef sautéed in a mild spicy sauce and veggies

MY DESSERT: Cold Stone's Red Velvet Ice Cream with strawberries & pie crust (absolutely DELISH, TRY IT!!!!)

As for the outfit I chose, since it's beginning to get a tad bit warmer and spring is this week, I wanted to go with a warmer toned neutral based look, which prompted me to select these golden sheen leggings and sheer animal printed blouse. Since the blouse is extremely flowy, I chose to pair it with a waist-belt to create an emphasis on my waistline, to keep the look feminine, after all it was for date night ;) I think date night is the night where you should definitely opt for pieces that are more tailored, romantic, and figure flattering, so if you lack natural curves, a waist-belt should be your BFF and be literally attached to your waist :)



BLOUSE: Marshall's

LEGGINGS: Nordstrom Rack

SHOES: Nine West (Marshall's)

PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshall's)



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