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DRESS: Kaisley (Marshalls)// TIGHTS: Marshalls// BOOTIES: Nine West// LIPS: Milani's sugar plum liner and Sangria lipstick 

Happy Monday, loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Many of you, if not all, most likely noticed that I haven't been creating date night posts discussing our (me and my hubby, Eddie) dinners and my looks for those nights in a while. We decided that it would be best for me to feature outfits I create and wear throughout the week that would be a great option and inspiration for your date night or girls night out. It was becoming close to impossible to find locations with good lighting at or even after 10pm, plus we were often tired after dinner and it was kind of showing up in my face in some photos, lol! I hope you all understand.

I found this dress while strolling through the aisle of a Marshalls store, just hanging isolated from all other pieces, waiting for me! I instantly fell in love with the pom poms across the shoulders and chest and loved how different it looked, so I went to try it on and loved the way it fit as well. Not bad for $25 bucks right?! I actually love when I find pieces, as I'm sure you all do, that are super inexpensive and look much more than what I paid, which I feel is the case with this dress. I actually thought it was one of BCBGenearation's pieces, since it does look like a piece that would be apart of their collection. 

However, this is a dress that can totally be made at home (DIY)! All you would need is a plain, well fitting, black sweater dress (or any other color of your choice), glue, a glue gun, and of course pom poms! If you're not feeling too crafty, no worries; I created some shoppable alternatives that I would suggest for your body shape, all of which can be done at home as well, if you do happen to change your mind :)


I decided to create a look featuring pom poms on a pair of dressier shorts for all my apple shaped ladies because I believe that pomps on the upper body can add more visual weight, especially if you tend to be very busty. I think this is a great alternative because it exudes the same classy/chic, yet fun vibe that the dress I'm wearing does, while adding some more focus to those fabulous legs of yours! 



I always mention that it's important for all my rectangular shaped ladies to consider creating outfits that re-establish the waistline and upper and lower portions. While this shape does look great in looks that don't necessarily skim the surface of the body, it is great to have some options for what would help in placing a focus on the different sections of the body, instead of a whole and this look does just that! The sweater adds dimension to the bust, while the a-line skirt adds a subtle width in the hip and thigh areas. 

As for my fellow pear shaped ladies, I would definitely suggest a dress like the one I wore, if you happen to come across one. I searched for what seemed like hours for a dress like this and found nothing! As mentioned before, you could totally turn this post into a DIY with some tools you may already have in your home, especially if you have little ones, those pom poms can now come in handy and that plain black sweater dress can definitely be transformed into something a bit more exciting! 


Thanks so much for stopping by! 




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