Hey my loves!


In this week's video I give some simple tips I've learned that help in taking care of jewelry, either costume or authentic. I do not claim to be an expert in the jewel industry, these are tips that I've learned through personal experience and in having spoke to people I know who have extensive jewelry collections. I hope it helps you!


Here's what I mentioned:


1. Avoid wearing your jewelry when cleaning or applying lotion or creams


2. Don't apply perfume or hairspray while wearing jewelry. The alcohol can cause costume jewelry to tarnish faster and develop holes where bacteria can develop, which can lead to serious infections! 


3. You can clean authentic jewelry with either rubbing alcohol, jewelry cleaner, or toothpaste. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL ON COSTUME, PEARL, OR OPAL JEWELRY! 


4. Don't brush fine jewelry with bristles, as it can cause scratches; only brush stones.


5. A tip I forgot to mention was not to place costume jewelry too close together, since they oxidize and can cause each piece to tarnish faster. 



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