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In Saturday's post I mentioned that I would be attending a show at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on Sunday. It was presented by FTL Moda and I've attended their shows in the past and have always enjoyed and this one did not disappoint! However, this was my first time at a Mercedes Benz show (aka a tent show) at Lincoln Center, so I was pretty excited and I'm even more excited to share the experience with all of you, especially since this show had an amazing message, one that expressed that true fashion has no limits nor boundaries and you'll understand more of this concept as you scroll through the photos below. I was unable to snap more shots as I would've liked, but nonetheless, I hope the one's I was able to capture touch you both inspirationally and creatively.

COAT: Baby Phat (super old!) // BLOUSE: New York & Company // PANTS: Missguided // SHOES: BCBGeneration (Marshalls) // CLUTCH: Marshalls 

I decided to go for a more glam look with a classic feel, which I felt the satin like appearance of the pants and blouse gave, combined with the white fur coat. I also decided to stick with a more feminine color palette, using white, cream, and pastel pink. What do you think of the look?


With lots of love,

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BLOUSE: Marshalls // FUR VEST: TjMaxx // LEGGINGS: Daily Look // SHOES: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls) // PURSE: Michael Kors 


*The color for the purse shoes up purple, but it's available in a simialr color to the one I'm wearing here!

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!

Do you have something special planned later? You know, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a celebration of only romanic love, although if you're in a relationship or marriage, that's awesome, but it could certainly be a day of just celebrating the ones you love, a general day of love! So if you're not in a relationship and don't have a "valentine", don't worry or feel bad, try calling up some of your single girlfriends or family members and make it a day of celebrating the relationships you have with each other! If you still have no one, babes, I'll be your valentine! I love you all greatly and appreciate all of your love and support, so I would love to be your valentine! 

Now you probably noticed how much I've been wearing this purse lately! I purchased it before the holidays at TjMaxx and I don't know, I just have been finding myself reaching for it a lot these past few days. I've been getting some questions from some of you on social media about the specifics, it's by Michael Kors and it's called the Selma; the color is pomegranate, although I think it looks more like orchid or violet in color. This color is no longer sold in stores or on the website, but you can try googling it and seeing if you can possibly find a seller on either eBay or Poshmark. If I come across a seller, I'll let you know. 

For the look, I knew that I wanted to pair the purse with blue because I think it looks so beautiful and perfect during this time of year. I ultimately decided that I wanted to go with a mix of different shades of blue and some gold accents in jewelry; I do have one bracelet that's silver, but has a turquoise stone, which I felt looked amazing with the look. I hope these past few outfits featuring this purse (color) has given you some ideas on wearing a color like this, even if it's not in a purse, rather a blouse or scarf, you can use some of the color pairing ideas to create your own look! 

As always, I thank you so much for stopping by! Check back Monday, I'll have a post covering a show I'll be attending for NYFW '15 tomorrow, but make sure you're following me on FacebookInstagram, & Twitter, so that you can get updates in between! 


Lots of Love,

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DRESS: Sans Souci (Marshalls) // SCARF: Jones New York (Marshalls) // WAIST-BELT: New York & Company // BEADED BRACELETS: Gifted by a friend BOOTS: COACH (6pm: HERE)

Hey guys!

I purchased this midi dress a while ago and had intentions of wearing it with something on top, such as a jacket, blazer, etc. The reason was mainly because on it's own, it does absolute NO justice for my body shape. I am a pear shape with a long torso, so I have that shelf like appearance that can exaggerate the width of my hips and this dress didn't help in that area, it made it more noticeable! I wore it one other time and that was with a denim blazer and this time around, I decided to wear a scarf draped across the back of my neck and cinched in with a waist-belt and it did the trick! This is not only a great way to create some visual balance for all my pear and hourglass shapes (in the bust) and dimension for both my rectangular (in the bust & thighs) apple (in the thighs) shapes, but just a very unique and boho like way to wear a scarf. What gave me this idea was a fellow Keaton Row stylist who I follow on Instagram, Denis, who used this method on one of his clients he posted a photo of on his feed. Then, I saw my muse (Olivia Palermo) wearing it this way and was like, yup, totally sporting this look, haha! 

To create a cohesive look, you can try wearing a scarf that is one of the colors that's featured within your dress, if yours is multicolored like mine. If it isn't, then you could just select a color that would compliment the solid color of your dress, which doesn't have to be form fitting like the one; you can totally rock this idea with a more flowy dress to really up the ante on that Bohemian vibe! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post! Don't forget to check back tomorrow!


Lots of love,

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SWEATER: Michael Kors (Marshalls) // JEANS: 7 for all mankind (Marshalls) // PURSE: Michael Kors (TjMaxx) // SHOES: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls) // BRACELETS: c/o of Satya 

Hey Girlies, 

You know how much I love color, so I felt like wearing something that had subtle pops of it to make the outfit more interesting, yet appropriate for a more casual work outfit. I want to first discuss this sweater. I absolutely love the fact that it has an embellished neckline, giving the appearance of a necklace. This is perfect for those of you who may struggle with selecting necklaces to pair with your outfits; it eliminates the guess work in that department. Now, it's great that I was able to find a sweater that was reasonably priced that had this detailing already, but this is something you can totally do yourselves! In fact, I came across a blog tutorial that provides some very simple steps on how to do this on your own, which you can check out HERE). I not only like these sort of sweaters because it eliminates the need to wear a necklace (I wouldn't suggest wearing one with a top like this, it'll look too busy and will clash), I also like it because it's a great option for work. Since it dresses things up a bit for your ordinary sweater or even sweatshirt, it can make it a great wear to work option, too! 

Although radiant orchid was the color of 2014, I'm still not over it and I don't think I'll ever be! It's such a beautiful color and looks great on every skin-tone, especially those of you who are cool toned. The reason is that it has a grayish tint, which is a cool toned color. Also, since it's also very rich, I feel it brings out our natural skin tones, making us appear more luminescent, despite the slight grey tint, which can tend to have the opposite affect. 

To maintain the slight casual vibe I was going for, I paired the sweater with darker denim jeans. You've heard me mention many times that darker denim tends to give a more dressed up feel, but they're still jeans, so the texture provides the mild relaxed feel synonymous with casual looks. I also slightly tucked in a part of the sweater, which looks like I put thought into my look, but without overthinking it.

When it comes to body shapes, I would suggest this look to all because it's one that features a darker palette to the actual look, with the pops of color represented in the accessories. However, there are some minor things I'd like to add or suggest to the apple shapes and that would be to select a sweater that has either a v-neckline that's embellished or that you add to yourself, or opt out of the embellishment if you're working with a wider neckline, which I generally don't suggest for this shape. The reason being is that it add visual width to the upper body and both the apple and inverted triangles have wider backs and chests as it is and this will only exaggerate it. So, if you are working with a wider neckline, I suggest wearing a long necklace that will counteract the width of the neckline. Also, for the jeans, I'd suggest substituting the darker wash with a medium wash. Since your legs are naturally more toned and slender, the dark wash will make them appear thinner, causing your upper body to appear much wider in proportion to your legs. In short, to enhance your naturally defined legs, wear a lighter wash. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and don't forget to check back tomorrow for some more inspiration! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


Lots of love,

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Hello my lovies, 

Today's post is a continuation of the color pairing series and the color we're working with is yellow! I have to be honest, in the past, there were times I kind of stood clear of yellow because I just didn't think it went well with much. I think the main reason I felt this way was because only one shade or tone of yellow was coming to my mind and that was canary yellow. Now, I've opened my mind to the various shades, which are very pretty, and that will also include canary yellow, haha. Also, it's important to remember that when we're creating these color combinations, we don't have to just focus on two colors, one of which would be yellow and the other. We should certainly consider working with patterns and various pieces that have yellow; it doesn't necessarily have to be a top or bottom, which you'll notice in the sets I've created. You could most definitely opt for a coat, blazer, cardigan, pair of shoes, or accessories to add the touch of yellow to your look. 

I hope this post opens your mind to the various color combinations that can be achieved when working with yellow as the starter! Especially if you are like I was and just couldn't stand the color! 



Thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure you're follow me on my social media outlets (LINKS ARE ON THE TOP RIGHT OF THE BLOG PAGE!) to know when I'll be working on the next color, which will be green! 

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