Leather jacket (Michael Kors // Marshalls) // Sweater (c/o DEX) // Scarf (Lacoste // belongs to the hubby) // Tights (DKNY // Outlet) // Booties (Payless // Christian Siriano for Payless) // Purse (Errelleventidue // TjMaxx) 


Hey loves!

Today's look is one that is inspired by a look I saw on Pinterest the other day. It featured the combination of black, blue, and leather and I absolutely loved it and felt the need to recreate it. You've heard me mention that I love to turn to Pinterest as a source of inspiration from time to time when it comes to practically anything! I get many of my dinner recipes and overall inspiration from there, it truly is an amazing app/site. 

I hope this look inspires you as well and no worries, I will be continuing on with my color pairing series, which I started yesterday. It was so much fun creating looks centered around the color red and I look forward to creating ones centered around orange. That post may go up Saturday or sometime next week, since I'll be attending an event tonight and have intentions of sharing it with you, if I'm able to snap some shots, tomorrow and I'll be recording a video, which may go up on Friday. 

PS: I believe all body shapes can rock this rocker chic look ;)


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Hello my loves,

A few months ago, one of my followers requested that I do something on matching colors. She mentioned how she sometimes struggled when creating outfits because she wasn't sure as to what colors worked best together. I thought this would be a great idea, but wasn't quite sure as to how I would present it. I mean, there are so many colors out there and so I knew that I would need to create a series that would include at least the main colors we're all familiar with, remember ROYGBIV from science class in elementary school? Well, I still use this acronym to help remind myself of all the colors in the rainbow, thanks Mrs. Mitchell! So, I will be starting a series on the blog that will discuss the different colors that work best together and I'll provide visual pairing examples. I felt it would be easier to present this information in the form of a blog post, because I feel it's just easier. However, in the future, I may just provide this information in the form of a video, we'll have to wait and see! But for now, let's start the series off with the first in the rainbow and that's the color red.  

One thing that's very important to know before we begin discussing pairing possibilities, is that there are various shades, tints, and hues of red; you will see examples of those in some of the outfit sets I've created. 



Neutrals have a tendency to go with everything because they're rather bland on their own, but when combined with other colors, can truly act as enhancer to the color featured, in this case red. Creating a pairing that features the combination of red and a neutral, would be a great option if you want your red piece to truly stand out. 



These colors tend to be synonymous with the summer and sun, typically orange and yellow. I created two looks for each color group, both of which have different tones. The first look in the set to the left, features a warmer hue of red, which is burgundy, as well as the terracotta, a deeper hue for the color orange. I featured the same method for the yellow pairing, in which I included a true yellow and a deeper hue of the color, mustard yellow. This will hopefully broaden your creative mindset when it comes to selecting these colors to create a look. You don't necessarily need to work with the true color, you can work with various shades of the color, which sometimes blend better with colors you wouldn't typically think would. 



These colors tend to exude the opposite of warmer colors; they tend to denote winter and the colors associated with the season, or those of aquatic sceneries. 



Monochrome is simply the use of the same or similar shades of the same color. As many of you know, pink is a hue of red. Pink is not a color of it's own. Therefore, it's safe to pair it with a true red or various shades of red and pink.



I hope you all found this post helpful and that it gave you some pairing ideas when working with the color red. The next color in the series will be orange, so stay tuned for that one, it ought to be fun!

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Hey Guys and Gals!

So, I'm feeling MUCH better than I was last week. Thankfully, much of my cold is gone; I'm just dealing with a few sniffles, nothing major. I wanted to create a post that would be extremely beneficial to you, especially during this time of year. Most of us make our New Year's Resolutions at the start of the month and year, but many don't end up accomplishing them and I feel it's because often times, they're just not realistic. Although it's great to be optimistic, it's also very important that we're realistic with what we can and cannot do. It's also important to know ahead of time that there will be days that you will not feel like doing what you've set out to do, but you will have to push past those emotions. The more you push pass those emotions, the more I feel it's easier to get ____ done and the less likely it'll be a struggle for you.

I came up with a few fashion related resolutions that we all can follow and accomplish this year and hopefully continue with for years to come! A resolution simply means a change and once that change is made, it then becomes apart of who you are and it should remain consistent throughout your life and become apart of your everyday lifestyle. 



You may have already guessed that I would include this in my suggestions, but it's really important. Your body shape should be the leading factor in what you wear and how you wear it to look and feel your absolute best. While many of you may have New Year's resolutions to loose weight, you must understand that loosing weight will not change your body shape! About a week ago, a woman who had recently given birth, asked me to help her determine her body shape. She provided her pre-pregnancy and post pregnancy measurements and they both indicated the same shape, which she thought would've been different before she became pregnant and gained the baby weight. Your size does not alter or have an effect on your figure, your bone structure does. It may, however, be more noticeable as to what shape you are when you gain weight because your figure is more pronounced, but it certainly does not change it. 

Knowing your shape, will have a huge impact on your positive and self accepting body image. I believe many of us are insecure about our bodies because we compare them to those either around us or to those we see in the media. We begin thinking that so and so has a better body and looks great in everything, while we don't. Well, so and so may just know which body shape she has and dresses in a way that flatters and enhances it, which makes her appear more confident. You can do the same! Dress in clothing that flatters you. If you're in the process of loosing weight and are temporarily insecure with a certain area of your body, then look to styling methods that can help conceal that area for the time being; I have many videos that have suggestions on how to do this with various parts of the body. Also, wear colors that look good on you! Don't wear a color simply because it's trending, because it's said to be the new "color of the year", or you just think it looks pretty. Look for colors that flatter your skin-tone, they will always enhance your skin, providing an instant and healthy glow. (I have a video on this as well, which you can watch HERE)



Many of us make a resolution that involves saving our money more. However, it can easily be forgotten when we see the red or yellow SALE signs. We somehow believe that if we purchase something on sale, it's justifiable because we didn't pay full price; we are simply deceiving ourselves with this notion and I myself have been guilty of it. We should spend money on clothing and accessories that we need and let's face it, the majority of the pieces we purchase that were on sale, were not items we really needed. So how do you know what you really need when it comes to clothing? You should have pieces in your wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched with other items. If you struggle to create at least three outfits with your clothing, you don't have a versatile enough collection. One of my favorite quotes from Michael Kors is, "I look for versatility in everything I buy." You've seen that I've inserted that quote in a few of my videos, why? Because if a renowned designer himself is saying this, it surely means something! Items that would be classified as needs would be: white button down shirt, cardigan, neutral blazer, good fitting jeans, good fitting shorts, sweater, black dress, pair of trousers, a-line skirt, leather (can be faux) jacket, winter coat, good fitting bras, pair of boots, pair of pumps, pair of flats, pair of sunglasses, and an everyday purse. These are also items that I believe you should not skimp on either. Since these are versatile pieces, which means you'll be wearing them often and in many ways, you want to make sure the quality is good and would last a long time. 


(Just a few of the pieces I listed creates 8 different outfit pairings!)

I'm not saying that you cannot purchase anything other than what I've mentioned. I'm saying that these pieces should be the building blocks of your wardrobe, regardless of your profession. Once you have all of these pieces and are realistically able to purchase other items, then by all means do so, but notice the keywords, realistically. If you're finding that you have to use a credit card in order to purchase those super cute shoes because there isn't enough money in your bank account, honey, there will be even cuter shoes the next time you're ready to buy with the money in your bank account! Don't put yourself in debt for something that will most likely sit in your closet more than on your feet! Yes, I'm talking from personal experience here! 

All of the pieces I listed above can be mixed and matched to create a plethora of outfits for either work or weekend. Here are a few looks to give you an example:



This may have you itching your head, I mean, how can you wear confidence? How you feel about yourself inside, will always effect how and what you decide to wear. In my first suggestion, I mentioned the importance of knowing and dressing for your body shape, but if you feel terrible about yourself overall, none of that will really matter. Now, I love social media, I really do. It's what's given me the ability to meet and converse with all of you, however, I do feel that there are huge downfalls to using and being so wrapped up with and in it. First, people only show you their highs, NOT there lows. If Eddie and I just had an argument, I'm not going to snap a photo of us in the middle of arguing and post it on Instagram. I mean, who does that? Rather, I'm going to take a shot when he and I are enjoying a nice meal and feel great. This is normal and can be applied to anything and everything. If you scroll through countless feeds you'll most likely see great photos of people living the ideal life, but you must understand that they have bad days as much as you and I do, too! They're human. I don't care what celebrity looks perfect to you, the reality is that he or she is not and there are times when he or she feels insecure about him or herself, too. So I guess what I'm trying to say is not to compare yourself to others. I know it may seem easier said than done, but you must get through your head that you are the only one walking this planet that has your DNA makeup and unique finger print, identical twins don't even share this! You are so incredibly unique that no one could ever be just like you! You have talents and abilities that make you awesome and you need to know that. I'm not saying we should be arrogant, but we should know that we have something to offer those we come in contact with and so do they. So the next time you begin to feel low about yourself, remember, you are so unique and special that there is no one like you and the world would be different without you. Once you begin to feel and know how valuable you are, you will begin to look different to those around you. In fact, you will begin to treat those around you differently. You'll smile more and will be more positive and forgiving. Confidence by far is the best accessory you can ever wear and it goes with everything ;)


I hope this post encouraged you. We talked fashion and we talked some realness, haha. I don't just want to help you look good on the outside, I want to help you feel good on the inside, where it matters more. Plus, like Rachel Zoe said, "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." What are you saying? Are you saying I'm confident?


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Hi my loves!

Remember on Monday I mentioned that I was sick? Well, shortly after, I got even worse! I felt so terrible, I could barely speak, which is why I haven't been posting in between. I feel for the past few weeks, every time I would try to post for the entire week, something would always get in the way!!! Hopefully this is the end of that and we can continue on with our regular flow of things around here in the upcoming week. 

Anyway, as the tittle of the post entails, I'm discussing how to style and wear fur coats. It's a piece that's fun to work with and can really add that wow factor to any look! But, I have realized, through my personal experience and having spoken to some of you, it can be a bit of a challenge when creating an outfit centered around it. In the video, I show you all the looks you see in the photo above and explain my suggestions when it comes to pairing ideas and styles for your body shape; I also briefly touch upon height! At the end of the video, I announce who my lucky subscriber is who won the Fevrie gift card giveaway! If you didn't win, you still have a chance to save on some of the pieces you've been eyeing, with an exclusive 40% off coupon code, which lasts until the end of the month (01/31), JALISASFILES. 

Thank you all so much for watching and I hope you find the video helpful! 


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Happy Monday, beautiful!

If you follow me on social media, then you'd know that I've been sick. It first started as a cold that my step-daughter brought home and you know how that goes! Eddie caught it and then I did, one family thing I hate sharing, lol! That's the reason I hadn't posted anything on here since last Wednesday and a YouTube video didn't go up. At this point, my throat has been hurting a lot and much of my voice has left and I think it wasn't the best idea for me to shoot today's look outside without a coat! The things we do for fashion, uh! Well, I'm trying to minimize my talking, since I will be recording and uploading this week's video towards the end of the week. Speaking of videos, a huge thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway! I will be announcing the winner in this week's video, but remember, even if you didn't win, you still have the opportunity to save 40% off your total order when you use coupon code: JALISASFILES, until 01/31! 

Onto today's look. I used some of the colors associated with winter, blush pink, taupe, and black. I absolutely love these three colors together. I think the blush and taupe give a feminine feel, while the addition of black can add a bit of edginess. What inspired this entire outfit was the tartan scarf itself. It was a gift from my mom. What I love about, other than the colors themselves, is the combination in the form of tartan. It's an unusual use of colors for this pattern, one that I haven't yet seen before. This scarf is and the turquoise ring are the only two new items featured in the look. The rest of the outfit consists of pieces I've had for years and years. I purchased the cardigan from Victoria's Secret a long time ago and it's so comfy. I actually like many of VS's clothing and have found them to be of pretty good quality. The jeans I'm wearing are from New York & Company, before I feel they perfected their denim fit. The reason I say this is because, while I had always experienced a great fit in their jeans around the booty and thighs, the waist would sometimes be larger in some of their denim collections. Now, I feel, based on my personal experience and my mom, the waist fits better, allowing me to ditch the belt. I've read some reviews and not everyone is fond of their latest SOHO collection, but I love it and would definitely suggest it to all my curvier ladies! Just keep in mind that they tend to stretch after wearing them for a period of time, so I'd suggest ordering or purchasing a size smaller. 

I hope this post helped and provided you with a style idea for your next look. Remember, you don't have to recreate the entire look; you can use it as inspiration to create a different style, while selecting the same color combinations. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you in my next post!


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