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CARDIGAN: c/o DEX// SHIRT: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls)// LEGGINGS: c/o Lyssé (HERE)// EARRINGS: Annie Sez// NECKLACE: c/o Athra Luxe// RING: c/o Kendra Scott// SHOES: Nine West// LIP COLOR: Milani


Hello Ladies, 

How was everyone's weekend?! I hope you all had fun! Eddie and I headed to Brooklyn for our date night, to this Uruguayan restaurant that we really enjoy, Tabaré. It's located in Williamsburg, a section of Brooklyn that's well known for their fabulous and unique bites and gourmet coffee. A definite must stop when you're visiting Brooklyn! I wanted to wear something that would keep me warm and cozy, since I knew we'd of course be walking around and it was rather chilly. I decided to go for a complete black and plum look, with some hints of metallic silver jewelry. I loved the way the it turned out, especially since both the sweater and leggings were a perfect match! I've been into matching pieces or creating them at least, since in this case, these two pieces are from different labels. This has been a popular fall trend, spotted on the NYFW runways for 2014. I feel it's obviously effortless, yet has a very put-together feel, which I like. 

So what do you think of the look? Post your comment and thanks so much for stopping by and reading!






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Hello Beauties,

I've been asked quite frequently how to wear and select a belt for the different body shapes and torsos (short or long waisted). Since it has been a topic that has been requested and asked a lot, I decided it would be great to record a video explaining my suggestions, which I hope that you all find helpful and insightful :)




1. Wear a belt that is the similar or same color as the top that you're wearing, it'll visually elongate your top half.

2. Avoid wearing belts that are the same color as your bottoms or the blend in, such as navy or black belts with denim jeans. This will make your legs appear longer, while cutting off visual inches from your waist.



1. Wear belts that are the same or similar color to your bottoms or that blend in, they will help visually elongate your legs and cut off visual inches from your torso.

2. Wear a pop of color that creates contrast with your entire outfit, in other words, that does NOT blend in with your outfit. This will neutralize everything and not make any one area appear longer than the other, if you have equally long legs as your torso. 





1. Wear belts that provide contrast to your entire look, such as in color, print, or texture, to help visually set apart your upper and lower portions.



1. Wear wider belts, they can help visually slim the midsection and help prevent agains "spillage" over your bottoms. 

2. Select darker colored belts. They don't bring attention to the midsection and accomplish concealing the area. 



1. Avoid wearing wide belts that blend in with your bottoms, as they can add visual width to your hips.


Music in Inro:

BY: Lino Rise

TITLE: Fremantle


Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0

DISCLAIMER: This video has NOT been sponsored! 


Thanks so much for watching and please, subscribe if you haven't already!




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Hey Loves, 

I was contacted by a stylist from ModCloth and was asked to participate in an autumn layering contest, featuring some layerable pieces from their collections. I thought this would be fun, since I've never entered a contest before; I'm pretty excited to participate! Their social team will feature their favorite sets on an a weekly basis, so hopefully they'll love the look :)

I decided to create this seasonably perfect pairing, which exudes fall in color and as a collective outfit pairing. Layering is synonymous with fall, mainly because the temperatures change throughout the day, especially here in the North East, throughout the season. What's important to me is that when I remove an item, I don't want it to negatively effect the entire rhythm of the outfit. In other words, I don't want it to appear as if something's missing. 

Let's say that we start our day experiencing a rather cool morning, we then choose to add the jacket for some additional warmth. It adds a nice touch of sultry color to the outfit and compliments one of my favorite colors this season, which I recorded a video on how to style (watch here), in a burnt orange tone, rather nicely. As the day progresses, it begins to warm up and there is no longer a need to wear a jacket, no worries, the outfit looks fabulously chic without it! The hints of pattern and additional color peeking through the collar area and underneath the bottom portion of the sweater, add interest and character to the look. Now let's say that it begins to warm up a bit more, around the mid 70's, we can simply remove the sweater and leave the collared shirt paired with the jeans and the look would still look great! This is something you may want to keep in mind while creating your autumn look. Put together an outfit that has pieces that can easily be added and/or removed without effecting the entire look. 

I hope you all enjoyed and felt inspired by the post if you loved the sweater featured, visit ModCloth's website to see more of their fabulous collection! :




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BLOUSE: Marshalls// EARRINGS: Annie Sez// RING: c/o Kendra Scott// NECKLACE: Athra Luxe// WATCH: Michael Kors// JEANS: New York & Company (HERE)// PURSE: Kate Spade (Marshalls)// SHOES: Steve Madden (Marshalls)



Hey Girlies!

Today, I felt like doing something different with my hair, so I tried out this three tail braid that I saw MiMi from Luxy Hair do in a tutorial (she's the BEST at hair tutorials!). It's actually very easy to do, despite how complex it may appear. I left some pieces out to curl, giving it somewhat of a messy look, which I really liked. It helped soften the look a bit, making it both classy and fun. 

As for my outfit, I woke up knowing that I wanted to wear this houndstooth printed blouse, but I just didn't know with what. I was thinking of black or dark washed jeans, but I felt either of those options would've made the look too dressy and that wasn't the overall vibe I wanted to create. Instead, I selected these medium washed jeans that have a bit of distressed detailing on them, which helped pull out that relaxed undertone, captured with my messy braid hair-do. To further enhance the tone, I cuffed the bottom portion of the jean and paired them with open toed shoes. This would be a perfect look for walking around the town, window shopping, or for meeting up with the girls for a coffee break, as well as for work, if a blazer were thrown over, the jeans were un-cuffed, and paired with pointed-toe shoes. 

One thing I absolutely love about creating a pairing is mixing and matching different tones and styles together to create an eclectic look, which I think defines my overall style, for the most part. While I do have a tendency to favor glam, I am not one to turn my back on any style. Being unpredictable with your creations is mysterious and keeps your wardrobe interesting, wouldn't you say?! That's part of the reason you often see me wearing many of the same pieces, but styled in different ways, exuding different styles. That and I'm unfortunately not a Rockefeller to afford only wearing things once, lol! 

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by and check back tomorrow. I'll be creating a pairing using a different technique :)




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CHAMBRAY SHIRT: Buffalo Jeans by David Bitton (Marshalls)// SKIRT: Necessary Clothing// SHOES: Nine West 


Hey Loves!

I mentioned earlier today on Facebook and Instagram that I have been inspired a lot lately be menswear, which I'm sure you've noticed too, with some of my outfits. I think it may be that there are more pieces that have been inspired by "him" that still capture that feminine element, which makes it appealing. There's the fedora, which has been around forever, blazers, oxfords, brogues, smoking slippers, loafers, and the oh so popular boyfriend button-down and jeans. While I'm not too sold on the boyfriend jeans yet, I love men inspired footwear. They give off a dressy yet casual vibe simultaneously, which I like, since it provides more versatility. 

This outfit has some subtle touches of menswear. The most obvious may be the shoes, which have a loafer feel to them. The other would be the chambray shirt and part of the way I styled it. I paired a white cami underneath, which gives off that same vibe as a white beater shirt underneath. However, I knotted the front, which creates more of a softer and feminine twist. 

Aside from the style of the look, I love the color combination of the three pieces; they have a very fall feel to them. They blend rather nicely and offer character and a bit of intensity, which I like. 

So, don't be shy to experiment with some menswear inspired pieces. If you're bae is getting ready to toss one of his work shirts out, try to work it into your wardrobe, by pairing it with a fedora and fitted jeans, to keep that feminine feel. The key to pulling off the look, is to blend both menswear and womenswear together, while featuring more female  silhouettes/structures, colors, or fabrics ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Come back tomorrow :)



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